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Surrounding the viscera: a perivisceral sinus.
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Adults were induced to spawn by injecting 2-5 mL of 0.55 mol [L.sup.-1] KC1 into the perivisceral cavity of each sea urchin.
Caption: Figure 1: Longitudinal US-scan of the last ileal loop in a 33-year-old male shows wall thickening with prominence of submucosa and hyperechoic appearance of perivisceral fat.
Recently, PHID syndrome has also been associated with lipodystrophy, abnormal distribution of perivisceral fat, scleroderma-like skin modifications, and cardiomyopathy resulting from chronic inflammation, resistant to anti-TNF-[alpha] and anti-IL-1 therapy [94].
The circulation of oxygen and nutrients is achieved by the perivisceral coelomic fluid, as well as the hemal and water vascular systems, which are associated with the digestive system and the major sites of oxygen uptake in the respiratory trees, body wall, and podia (Fig.
Morphohistochemical characterization of the perivisceral fat body in royal and worker female castes in different ages of Atta sexdens rubropilosa ants (Hymenoptera, Formicidae).
Esta condicion podria deberse a una movilizacion de lipidos perivisceral hacia el higado, lo que podria afectar la integridad de este tejido; tal y como ha sido demostrado por Ibarz et al.
On imaging, there was no evidence of masses involving the bladder wall or spreading into the perivisceral tissue, confirming the regular bladder profile, with the exception of the known and actually free-of-disease diverticulum, as demonstrated by the last abdominopelvic CT (Fig.
Arrangements of brown chromatophores covered the dorsal and ventral surfaces of the head, mantle, arms (~4) and dorsal surface of the perivisceral epithelium (> 18).
Head, neck, legs, edible viscera (heart, liver, gizzard), and fat (perivisceral, perineal, and abdominal) were removed to obtain the ready-to-cook carcass.