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A wig, especially a peruke.

[By folk etymology from Old French perruque; see peruke.]


(Clothing & Fashion) a wig, such as a peruke
[C16 perwyke, changed from French perruque wig, peruke]


(ˈpɛr ɪˌwɪg)

a wig, esp. a peruke.
[1520–30; earlier perwyke, alter. of Middle French perruque peruke]
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Noun1.periwig - a wig for men that was fashionable in the 17th and 18th centuriesperiwig - a wig for men that was fashionable in the 17th and 18th centuries
wig - hairpiece covering the head and made of real or synthetic hair


[ˈperɪwɪg] Npeluca f


n (Hist) → Perücke f
References in classic literature ?
He wears an immense periwig, flowing down over his shoulders.
Although he seemed, judging from the mud he had picked up on the way, to have come from London, his horse was as smooth and cool as his own iron-grey periwig and pigtail.
He has his shoes rubbed and his periwig powdered at the barber's as you go into the Rose.
The entrance hall was mostly stripped and empty; but the pale, sneering faces of one or two of the wicked Ogilvies looked down out of black periwigs and blackening canvas.
One account maintains another trophy was taken: what the looters thought was a human scalp hanging above the speaker's chair but which was, in reality, his periwig.
25) Marston's line is: 'you shall see me prove the very periwig to cover the bald pate of brainless gentility' (0.
On his head, in the fashion of the court of Louis XIV, is a superb, full-bottomed periwig, amid whose heap of ringlets his face shows like a rough pebble in the setting that befits a diamond.
Here is nothing to be seen but a verdingale, yellow ruffe, and periwig .
133) A 1755 Ordinary's Account noted with similar scepticism that the highwayman John Bignall "appeared the fine gentleman, (so far as a gaudy dress might give him a title to this denomination);" a 1724 newspaper described how Jack Sheppard was "equipp'd every way like a Gentleman" when apprehended--complete with black suit, periwig, diamond ring, watch and snuffbox--but took pains to add that he was "very drunk" and "carry'd himself insolently.
THE HISTORY PRESS has brought out a new edition of Fredric Boyce's SOE's Ultimate Deception: Operation Periwig ([pounds sterling]12.
The charity has forged links with Periwig Consultants, which has worked with NHS cancer patients since 2004.