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n. pl. per·ju·ries Law
1. The crime of willfully and knowingly making a false statement about a material fact while under oath.
2. An act of committing such a crime: testimony full of perjuries.

[Middle English periurie, from Anglo-Norman, from Latin periūrium, from periūrāre, to perjure; see perjure.]

per·ju′ri·ous (pər-jo͝or′ē-əs) adj.
per·ju′ri·ous·ly adv.
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Marked by lying under oath:
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"Aside from this bare and perjurious allegation of my purported presence in an alleged meeting on March 4, 2019 which again, is impossible, there is no other allegation of any act on my part in furtherance of the alleged crimes charged," she added.
'The false and perjurious Sinumpaang Salaysay (Sworn Statement) and the Letter-Complaint should be viewed with the highest degree of caution and suspicion not only because of the unreliable nature of the allegations as discussed above but because of the very nature of the charges itself,' Robredo said in her affidavit.
(47) And because evidence was not presented in open court, litigants could not easily attack the jury's verdict as erroneous or perjurious. (48)
And for 11 months, 20 public hearings were conducted, with some media outlets eagerly broadcasting and publishing every false, perjurious, baseless, defamatory, and hearsay statements made by the so-called witnesses and some senators.
At sentencing, the court noted that Savage had made allegedly perjurious statements during his interviews with pre-trial service, later introduced to determine whether he presented a risk of flight or nonappearance.
The federal court also found Slates testimony during a deposition was likely perjurious, or at the very least, intentionally misleading." Slate also tried to fraudulently collect evidence, provided discovery documents in a soiled envelope that had the strong odor of excrement, improperly taped his own deposition testimony and produced a large amount of irrelevant and misleading materials, according to the opinion.
The first article of impeachment alleged that President Clinton gave "perjurious, false, and misleading testimony" to a grand jury arising out of his relationship with former Arkansas employee Paula Jones.
Despite evidence of demonstrably false complaints against police officers, sometimes video-recorded evidence, their law enforcement agency employers refuse to charge perjurious complainants.
(4) On the evidence of Connolly's detailed account of his relationship with his master's wife, her deposition was judged to have been perjurious. Her husband's judgment against her had already been made public in October when he published notices in the Gazette and Australian: 'NOTICE.
When James finished his speech, Assistant Attorney General Jason Spillman asked him three times, with slightly different phrasing, if it was James' sworn testimony that his wife had hid her criminal activity from him until February 3, 2011--the date on which James said he "asked her to tell me the story." Three times James answered, "Yes." These were the only questions Jason Spillman had for any of the witnesses; and it was the first time in this long case against Laurie Rockwell that James had put himself in a potentially perjurious position.
Syria's representative said that the US delegation brought a perjurious witness to the Security Council session is both a formal infringement and an attempt to turn attention away from reality, asserting that the ICC is a politicized entity tailor-made to extort and pressure third-world countries.