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adj. perk·i·er, perk·i·est
1. Buoyant and self-confident; briskly cheerful.
2. Jaunty and appealing; sprightly: a perky tune.
3. Small or firm and well-formed: "her perky, shapely little body" (Joyce Carol Oates).

perk′i·ly adv.
perk′i·ness n.
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Adv.1.perkily - in a perky manner; "stuck perkily, like a bustle on a woman's skirt"
بِنَشاطٍ وَحَيَوِيَّه


adv (= cheerfully)munter; (= cheekily)kess, keck


[ˈpɜːkɪlɪ] adv (see adj) → con aria allegra, con tono allegro, vivacemente, con impertinenza


(pəːk) : perk up
to recover one's energy or cheerfulness. I gave her a cup of tea and she soon perked up.
perky adjective
lively; cheerful. You're in a perky mood.
ˈperkily adverb
ˈperkiness noun
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Perkily conveyed, with a deft lightness of touch, this performance sent us out back into the building-site hell with spirits well lifted, with Tippett and Hough's Beethoven still prominent in our minds.
By Jove, I thought, perkily. This opens unimagined opportunities for cultural exchanges across trestle tables - a spot of gentle arm-wrestling over the fancies, ale, gherkins, maraschino cherries and cream cakes.
A combination of musical, sports, travel, adventure, pop-cultural and roadie-foodie adventures perkily chatted up by him could make its own kind of regional TV magic.
The reply was perkily launched by Trott with two leg-side boundaries in the first over from Jade Dernbach and the Bears made solid progress from that point with the first two wickets adding 89.
"Sure," she says, a little too perkily, and I take a
Or rather, they thought they did, perkily handing over savoy cabbages at every market and farm stand Beddard visited.
It takes to the road with brio, cheekily gunning up behind much bigger cars and perkily taking those corners at speed.
In this depiction of a feral-eyed woman perkily flashing her breasts, Meese employs a motif he's used before: a swastika.
After the declaration at tea, Worcestershire went into bat needing 437 in a day and 32 overs and started perkily as Darryl Mitchell and Richard Oliver added 52 in 13.
Thick and luscious, perkily orange like the setting sun, it was loaded with the bounties of Mother Nature.
Those who remember her as the perkily perfect Gabriella in "High School Musical'' will truly be shocked at the first sight of her: Standing at a bathroom mirror and chopping off her mangy hair, revealing blotchy skin, dirt-filled fingernails, a nose and lip ring.
The presentation, too, was arty - the lettuce perkily displayed at an angle, in a pretty cocktail glass, and two triangles of brown bread and butter accompanying.