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adj. perk·i·er, perk·i·est
1. Buoyant and self-confident; briskly cheerful.
2. Jaunty and appealing; sprightly: a perky tune.
3. Small or firm and well-formed: "her perky, shapely little body" (Joyce Carol Oates).

perk′i·ly adv.
perk′i·ness n.
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Noun1.perkiness - cheerfulness that bubbles to the surface
blitheness, cheerfulness - a feeling of spontaneous good spirits; "his cheerfulness made everyone feel better"
2.perkiness - inappropriate playfulness
playfulness, fun - a disposition to find (or make) causes for amusement; "her playfulness surprised me"; "he was fun to be with"
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نَشاطٌ وَحَيَوِيَّه


[ˈpɜːkɪnɪs] Nalegría f, vida f; (= cheekiness) → frescura f
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n (= cheerfulness)Lebhaftigkeit f; (= cheekiness)Keckheit f, → forsche Art
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(pəːk) : perk up
to recover one's energy or cheerfulness. I gave her a cup of tea and she soon perked up.
perky adjective
lively; cheerful. You're in a perky mood.
ˈperkily adverb
ˈperkiness noun
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MANILA, Philippines - Like good hair days, good skin days add confidence to your stride, and perkiness to your mood.
It has a nose of strawberries and cream with a peachy perkiness. It isn't as fruity to taste as it is on the nose, but it is a pretty glass to share with friends.
If you plant out summer bedding plants now, they will lift your spirits and bring flamboyance and perkiness to your garden in July, August and September.
Sterling traded moderately firmer on UK labour data for March, which showed expected perkiness in pay growth and a data-series low in the employment rate.
Indeed, you may not even want any extra perkiness, especially if you are using the car mostly for carrying kids about.
We can tell fresh fish from the perkiness in the eyes.
You might have made sloe gin to enjoy this Christmas, why not add it to sparkles for some pink perkiness. This is a pink twist on the gin cocktail classic French 75.
"You Me And The Bourgeoisie,'' by the Submarines: Although this song's got a perkiness about it, it's really about feeling guilty about being depressed.
Wallis conveys the energy and perkiness of her character convincingly and charmingly, but lacks even a hint of the desperation that lies behind the belted-out infinite deferral of "Tomorrow." Indeed, the entire film lacks any sense of poverty beyond the simple absence of luxury.
The only classified ad category that showed any perkiness was real estate, though that stems from Scripps' miniscule gain in the category (see below).