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also pur·line  (pûr′lĭn)
One of several horizontal timbers supporting the rafters of a roof.

[Middle English.]


(ˈpɜːlɪn) or


(Building) a horizontal beam that provides intermediate support for the common rafters of a roof construction
[C15: of uncertain origin]


(ˈpɜr lɪn)

also pur•line


a longitudinal member in a roof frame, usu. for supporting rafters or the like between the plate and the ridge.
[1400–50; late Middle English purlyn, purloyne]
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Perling assemblyman Cheo Yee How said the Johor Baru district, which is partly within his constituency, has many unresolved squatter problems and the state government needs to address the issue.
Reliability : To find the reliability of the questionnaire, a pilot study was conducted in SMK Seri Perling on 30 students.
The Chairman of the Management Board of Finantsinspektsioon, Kilvar Kessler, head of Financial Intelligence Unit, Madis Reimand, and Prosecutor General Lavly Perling gave the cabinet an overview of actions taken and possible propositions for the future.
En el grupo que tiene que ver con materiales procesados o provenientes de fabricas se pueden mencionar: ladrillo, cemento, lata, bloc o bloque, carriola, (12) chingle, concreto, cuarton, duralita, durpanel, fibrolit, lamina metalica, nicalit, panalit, perling, plastico, plafond, ricalit, tejalit, varilla, vidrio y zinc.
Agreements have already been finalised with prominent retail developers such as Greenhill Resources for Setia City Mall and KLIA Properties for their new project in Bangi, PNB Commerce Perling Mall in Johar Baru.
Agreements have already been finalised with prominent retail developers such as Greenhill Resources SdnBhd (Setia City Mall), KLIA Properties (for their new project in Bangi), PNB Commerce (Perling Mall in JoharBaru) and other hypermarkets will come up in KalandhanKotabaru, ShaaAalam, Ippoh, Malaka, Penang and Kuala Tringanu.
"When they arrested Cyber Perling, the NBI was so quick to file charges against her and detain her.
After the queen of mercy hears the many arguments against Duessa, understood to represent Mary Stuart, Mercilla's princely breast is "touched with piteous ruth"; she lets a few "perling drops" fall and then covers her face with a purple pall (V.ix.50).
Survivors include a daughter, Ellen Perling of Sacramento; two sons, Kalon of Maui, Hawaii, and Reuben of Port Moody, B.C.; his mother, now of Silver Spring, Md.; two brothers, Hank of Takoma Park, Md., and Joel of Hopewell Junction, N.Y.; and three grand children.
Perling, Health Care Advance Directives: Implications for Florida Mental Health Patients, 48 U.
On July 25, Malay Mail had highlighted the plight of a 63-year-old widow and mother of seven after seeing her house in Kampung Bakar Batu Perling completely demolished by the contractors.