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also pearl·ite  (pûr′līt′)
A natural volcanic glass similar to obsidian but having distinctive concentric cracks and a relatively high water content. In a fluffy heat-expanded form perlite is used as a lightweight aggregate, in fire-resistant insulation, and in soil for potted plants.

[French (from perle, pearl, from Old French; see pearl1) or German Perlit (from Perle, pearl, ultimately from Vulgar Latin *pernula).]

per·lit′ic (pər-lĭt′ĭk) adj.
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The material ductility must be decreased for using splitting of end caps, this is achieved by decreasing Mn ratio and increasing V ratio on C70S6 perlitic steels [6].
The groundmass was replaced by a granoblastic aggregate of quartz, sericite, and opaque minerals, but it is still possible to recognize ghosts of devitrification textures, such as perlitic, spherulitic and patchy structures or sintaxial growths over the crystals (Fig.
its investments because it buys heat insulating perlitic materials from an American Corning Company for $1.2-$1.3 thousand per cu m,
In the latter areas, ore-related veinlets clearly cut an earlier barren silicification that exploited pathways generated by fracturing of the rocks along perlitic cracks.
Microstructure is composed of fine ferritic and perlitic constituents without defects like non-metallic inclusions, gas and shrinkage porosity.
For example, after three years of operation of boilers TP-67 and TP-101, it is necessary to replace 1900-2700 sections of perlitic tubes (that makes 65-85 tons), and about 600 sections of austenitic tubes (3-5 tons or 30-50% of their total mass).
AlTiN-Saturn coatings also have clear advantages in the cutting of heat-treatable steel, fine steels, higher strength precipitation hardening ferritic perlitic steel, cast iron, Inconel, and titanium alloys.
Sample 33 has perlitic texture and is entirely altered to epidote and chlorite.