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A system of perennial agriculture emphasizing the use of renewable natural resources and the enrichment of local ecosystems.

per′ma·cul′tur·ist, per′ma·cul′tur·al·ist n.
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(Environmental Science) the practice of producing food, energy, etc, using ways that do not deplete the earth's natural resources
[C20: coined by Bill Mollison (born 1928), Australian ecologist, from perma(nent agri)culture]
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This is not a novel concept for a certified permaculture designer like Sarah as she was mentored by Rosemary Morrow-a renowned permaculturalist who has worked in countries like East Timor, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Solomon Island to help communities recovering from war and natural disasters.
In between these demonstrations will be a presentation by author, food writer and permaculturalist, Carl Legge who will guide listeners to what's available on the Llyn Peninsula on his quest to seek sustainability.
A simplistic watercolour of the River Wye belies a detailed look at many aspects of our varied countryside and Patrick Whitefield, a pioneering permaculturalist with an eye for the wider environment, uses years of careful observation to explain some of the complex interactions which underpin our scenery.
If the plan seems a little too ambitious to produce all that food, well, that's because, as is suggested, the permaculturalist can graze his or her goat(s) on somebody else's place or let their hog(s) forage in the woods for acorns or "clean up" the orchard.
Gregoire Lamoureux, a permaculturalist who wrote about forest gardens in Natural Life Magazine in 1994, describes it this way, 'The concept of forest gardening is to design a system that uses a diversity of plants to produce food, fuel, fibers, timber, medicines, and other products in a sustainable way.