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A person who works on a long-term basis without being treated as a permanent employee, especially one who agrees to a series of temporary contracts lacking the benefits of permanent employees.

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The collective understanding slowly turned toward increased reflection on the material base of scholarship and pedagogy, fueled by labor militancy among the ranks of the permatemp nontenurable faculty and the super-exploited graduate student (for whom earning the Ph.
Because of its high profile, the Microsoft permatemp case puts a chill in the air for all contractors and those who want to do business with them.
The acquisition in September of PTi Technology Concepts and PermaTemp Personnel Services was designed to provide Calian with additional resources and customers thereby allowing Calian the opportunity to move into larger markets.
The stereotype of the permatemp as a limited-skills teacher of freshmen is also changing.
A permatemp is someone who is really a regular employee who has been mislabeled by the employer.
Until he became a full-time Newspaper Guild organizer at WashTech, Courtney was a permatemp at Microsoft for four years and worked as a test engineer debugging such products as Windows '98.
The Temp Economy: From Kelly Girls to Permatemps in Postwar America.
Erin Hatton, The Temp Economy: From Kelly Girls to Permatemps in Postwar America (Philadelphia: Temple University, 2011).
same trail as subcontracting in industry: the casualization of routine instruction followed by the creation of a permatemps class on short term contracts and the preservation of a smaller core of full-timers, who are crucial to the brand prestige of the collegiate name.
Your Fall 2004 series of articles on "Adjuncts, Permatemps, and Part-timers" was poignant and well-written ["Professors Professing," Fall 2004].
This includes refusing to be "replacement workers" when union members go on strike even though as replacement workers they may do much better than they now do as permatemps.