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A measure of the ability of a magnetic circuit to conduct magnetic flux; the reciprocal of reluctance.

[From Latin permeāre, to penetrate; see permeate.]


1. the act of permeating
2. (General Physics) the reciprocal of the reluctance of a magnetic circuit. Symbol: Λ
ˈpermeant adj, n
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The first development is to double membrane permeance by replacing conventional porous supports used to fabricate composite membranes with novel isoporous supports.
The actual language is "spray foam with a maximum permeance of 1.
The results indicated water vapor permeance declined by 30% to 40%.
Therefore, to reduce the amount of heavy rare earth used, engineers need to reduce the demagnetizing fields acting upon magnets and increase magnet permeance to allow use of low-[H.
They once again concluded the difference in aging rates was related to the permeance of the plastic facings and foam temperature.
The determination of the magnetic circuit parameters for the considered machine begins with defining the permeance of the magnet [P.
These include elongation, water vapor permeance and absorption, flame retardancy, and fungi resistance, to name a few.
and permeance harmonics in electrical machines, with special reference to a synchronous machine.
The air barrier material, which must be structurally supported to withstand the maximum positive and negative air pressures to which it will be exposed, may have only a limited air permeance.
Afterwards, the slots are taken into account by introducing a permeance function of the slots.
Calcination and dealumination of kaolinite did not improve coated paper roughness, while air permeance and optical properties significantly increased in comparison with commercial kaolinite.