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The non-linear permeances of steel laminations are larger than the other permeances by several orders of magnitude and thus will be disregarded in a first approach.
The input data is mainly based on the feed composition, CO2 and CH4 permeances (~ 0.
Djerdir, "Experimental investigation and optimization of permanent magnet motor based on coupling boundary element method with permeances network," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol.
The recommended minimum resistances or air permeances for the three components are as follows: (6)
In case of boehmite containing membrane layer, the gas permeances of [O.
Pressure, composition, and temperature-dependent permeabilities or permeances were incorporated inside the models by "succession of state" and orthogonal collocation methods (Thundyil and Koros, 1997; Kaldis et al.
Since the geometry of the bearing is symmetrical about the horizontal and vertical axes and each magnetic plate has been slotted to yield four independent quadrants for control, permeances need to be computed for one quadrant only.
By the increment of evaporation time before phase inversion, permeances of all gases (C[O.
The maximum air permeances for the three components are as follows:
4] permeances in different EtOH and IPA concentrations in coagulation bath are shown in Fig.