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Any of several cell-membrane proteins that function as channels for the passive transport of a specific molecule in or out of the cell.

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(Biochemistry) biochem a carrier protein that facilitates the transport of a given molecule through a cell membrane
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(ˈpɜr miˌeɪs, -ˌeɪz)

any protein of the cell membrane that functions as a channel for specific molecular substances to enter or leave the cell.
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Since Agp1p shows a high level of low-affinity phenylalanine uptake activity in strain Y294[DELTA]gap1 (Figure 1(d)), the kinetics of this permease was studied in both MP and MA media comparing Y294[DELTA]gap1 and Y294[DELTA]agp1[DELTA]gap1 strains (Table 6).
Bogdanov and colleagues demonstrated that phosphatidylethanolamine (PE) acts as a molecular chaperone in the folding of the polytopic membrane protein lactose permease of E.
En el caso que aqui nos ocupa, se trata de estudiar el proceso por el cual un grupo de productores agropecuarios logro legitimarse como dirigencia dentro del sector y, mas alla de este, a nivel del imaginario social, consiguio que su modelo de negocio agricola permease el sentido comun, haciendolo propio (Schutz, 1987).
coli aquaporin Z [61], and Clostridium perfringens adenosine triphosphate-binding cassette (ABC) transporter permease [56] and aquaporin 4, respectively.
This endeavor was a method of reaction fluid gravitational permease and external pressure [5].
Mowe et al., "Neisseria meningitidis lactate permease is required for nasopharyngeal colonization," Infection and Immunity, vol.
The uptake of bacillibactin requires the FeuABC transporter, inner- membrane permease, FepDG and YusV ATPase and an esterase encoding gene, besA and while export required YmfE major facilitator super-family (MFS)-type transporter.
They were introduced in the 1940s and have several effects including blocking a cell membrane-sited 'permease' transport system for uptake of purine nucleotides; (1,2,15) the bacteria are therefore unable to synthesise adequate quantities of precursors for DNA, RNA or even protein synthesis, and so fail to thrive.
Anti Candida activity of cispentacin: The active transport by aminoacid permease and possible mechanisms of action.
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Furthermore, high level ectopic expression of these Rab proteins in Leishmania acted as a dominant-negative mutant and impaired the ability of TOR to internalize the trafficking of the adenosine permease. Saccharomyces Rab4 and Rab5 null mutants were no longer able to support the intemalization of the Leishmania adenosine permease by TOR.