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Permitted; allowable: permissible tax deductions; permissible behavior in school.

per·mis′si·bil′i·ty, per·mis′si·ble·ness n.
per·mis′si·bly adv.
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Adv.1.permissibly - in a permissible mannerpermissibly - in a permissible manner    
impermissibly - not permissibly; "the radon level in the basement was impermissibly high"
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IRS regulations permissibly established the exclusive means of proving timely filing, the appeals court holds.
Judge John Tyson dissented from the court's ruling, saying that when viewed as a whole and in context, the comments showed that Hamilton was permissibly taking into account the seriousness of heroin dealing and its effects on the community and society, of which the unrelated homicide was merely an anecdotal example.
More troubling for their argument is the implication that, if a prioritarian's weightings are sufficiently moderate, they will always choose permissibly. Prioritarian weightings are a close analogue of risk-attitude weightings, as both are weightings applied to welfare to generate final value decisions, which (when the attitude is one of risk aversion) add weight to choices that avoid the worst outcomes.
There are certain disagreements, such as philosophical disagreements, which appear to be permissibly sustainable.
Ware was justified in believing that she could satisfy these broadly and permissibly phrased conditions, especially given that the zoning regulations permit churches as of right.
Where a defendant insurance company denied coverage to a condominium management company in connection with a suit brought by a unit owner, the insurer acted permissibly because the harm alleged by the unit owner preceded the effective date of the policy.
They are indications of what actions by others do wrong to individuals and may permissibly be resisted.
The bankruptcy court concluded that SSA permissibly recovered $17,385 of its overpayment but impermissibly improved its position by $2,015, and ordered the Agency to return that amount to Berg.
(82) The Court held that the FCC permissibly held the Companies financially responsible for the payments they received as a result of their own conduct.
Although the Seattle court barred Wilson from giving away the files, it offered several alternatives to permissibly transfer the same information.