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tr.v. per·mut·ed, per·mut·ing, per·mutes
1. To change the order of.
2. Mathematics To subject to permutation.

[Middle English permuten, from Old French permuter, from Latin permūtāre : per-, per- + mūtāre, to change; see mei- in Indo-European roots.]

per·mut′a·bil′i·ty n.
per·mut′a·ble adj.
per·mut′a·bly adv.


vb (tr)
1. to change the sequence of
2. (Mathematics) maths to subject to permutation
[C14: from Latin permūtāre, from per- + mūtāre to change, alter]
perˈmutable adj
perˌmutaˈbility, perˈmutableness n
perˈmutably adv



v.t. -mut•ed, -mut•ing.
1. to alter; change.
2. Math. to subject to permutation.
[1350–1400; Middle English < Latin permūtāre to exchange, transform. See per-, mutate]
per•mut′a•ble, adj.
per•mut`a•bil′i•ty, per•mut′a•ble•ness, n.
per•mut′a•bly, adv.


Past participle: permuted
Gerund: permuting

I permute
you permute
he/she/it permutes
we permute
you permute
they permute
I permuted
you permuted
he/she/it permuted
we permuted
you permuted
they permuted
Present Continuous
I am permuting
you are permuting
he/she/it is permuting
we are permuting
you are permuting
they are permuting
Present Perfect
I have permuted
you have permuted
he/she/it has permuted
we have permuted
you have permuted
they have permuted
Past Continuous
I was permuting
you were permuting
he/she/it was permuting
we were permuting
you were permuting
they were permuting
Past Perfect
I had permuted
you had permuted
he/she/it had permuted
we had permuted
you had permuted
they had permuted
I will permute
you will permute
he/she/it will permute
we will permute
you will permute
they will permute
Future Perfect
I will have permuted
you will have permuted
he/she/it will have permuted
we will have permuted
you will have permuted
they will have permuted
Future Continuous
I will be permuting
you will be permuting
he/she/it will be permuting
we will be permuting
you will be permuting
they will be permuting
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been permuting
you have been permuting
he/she/it has been permuting
we have been permuting
you have been permuting
they have been permuting
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been permuting
you will have been permuting
he/she/it will have been permuting
we will have been permuting
you will have been permuting
they will have been permuting
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been permuting
you had been permuting
he/she/it had been permuting
we had been permuting
you had been permuting
they had been permuting
I would permute
you would permute
he/she/it would permute
we would permute
you would permute
they would permute
Past Conditional
I would have permuted
you would have permuted
he/she/it would have permuted
we would have permuted
you would have permuted
they would have permuted
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Verb1.permute - change the order or arrangement of; "Dyslexics often transpose letters in a word"
change by reversal, reverse, turn - change to the contrary; "The trend was reversed"; "the tides turned against him"; "public opinion turned when it was revealed that the president had an affair with a White House intern"
map, represent - to establish a mapping (of mathematical elements or sets)


[pəˈmjuːt] VTpermutar


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Permuting population identity across individual samples 10,000 times revealed that the observed mean distance was greater than or equal to the simulated distance 9,961/ 10,000 times, which equates to a two-tailed P value of 0.
P = w/2 shows were partnered bits, if word length is 128 bits, then, P value would be 64 which reveals in the very first stage of permuting 128 bits, top group is the 0th bit and 64th bit next will be a 1st and 65th bit, the next group will be 2nd and 66th bit and in a similar manner closing will be 63rd and127th bit.
The portal is compatible with all mobile devices and platforms, permuting clients to simply access the portal on any device, from anywhere, at any time.
i] by permuting its coefficients in the same way as updating [k.
All algorithms contained are based on the Fridrich method, the most common method used in speed-solving, and are organized in an easy, swipe-to-scroll environment making it easy to see all the algorithms and possible situations a cuber may encounter while orienting or permuting the last layer of the puzzle.
The enrichment was determined by randomly permuting the gene scores (5000 times) and recalculating the test statistic for each pathway.
3) By permuting the blocks of the saddle-point system, we can also compute an inexact LU factorization of the global system with MSSS matrix computations in linear computational complexity.
1]-ring automorphisms are the ones given by permuting indices--no proper polynomial automorphisms occur.
2], then this is achieved by permuting N2 and N3 if necessary, and if [N.
The value 0 < spd(G) [less than or equal to] 1 denotes the probability that a randomly picked pair (X,Y) [member of] sn(G) x M(G) is permuting, that is, XY = YX.
Data were generated by permuting the trait values against genotypes and fixed effects.
1) ("Yo pienso que tienes que estar loco para ser un revolucionado en un pais como el Mexico de hoy") Jorge Castaneda, Mexico: Permuting Power.