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1. Tending to cause death or serious injury; deadly: a pernicious virus.
2. Causing great harm; destructive: pernicious rumors.

[Middle English, from Old French pernicios, from Latin perniciōsus, from perniciēs, destruction : per-, per- + nex, nec-, violent death; see nek- in Indo-European roots.]

per·ni′cious·ly adv.
per·ni′cious·ness n.
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Adv.1.perniciously - in a harmfully insidious manner; "these drugs act insidiously"
2.perniciously - in a noxiously baneful way; "this banefully poisoned climate"
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[pɜːˈnɪʃəslɪ] ADVperniciosamente
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According to Bloomberg, Huw Van Steenis, senior adviser to the Bank of England governor, said, 'This very perniciously low-rate environment is something which I think is deeply painful.
Instead, it perniciously and effectively serves political mafias, power brokers and feudal cliques only to maintain their stranglehold on power without interruption.
The Indian intelligence has been perniciously unleashing terror all along the CPEC route - passing via Balochistan, Hazara and Kurram Agency to Hunza, Gilgit and Baltistan - stoking undue panic amongst Pakistan's allies and potential investors such as the Chinese, Turks, Qataris and Malaysians, amongst others.
English people, proud of their identity, their flag and their culture have been perniciously attacked in the press by Remainer columnists, even though it was not just the English that voted to leave the European Union.
As a whole, Brown Romantics demonstrates how some of Romanticism's most perniciously imperialist logics can be turned against themselves, and, in so doing, Chander paves the way for a new generation of scholars to work toward more intellectually and politically capacious critical practices.
(24) Even more perniciously, the self-described "leader of the Jewish people" has given his stamp of approval to one of the most destructive lies in modern Jewish history, feeding rather than fighting the myth of shadowy, international Jewish power that so many rode to office a century ago and that ultimately led to the Holocaust.
Statements such as those of Chief Justice Hughes that 'we are under the Constitution, but the Constitution is what the judges say it is' are not merely incorrect but also perniciously arrogant.'
Perniciously, matching is both the solution to RTM bias in the Ryan et al.
Piracy also remains a huge problem for Arab films -- not only counterfeit sales, but illegal online streaming and downloads, plus, most perniciously, unauthorized transmission on illegal satellite channels, which devalues sales to legitimate television stations.
Here's how the narrative goes: After the horrific deaths of millions, global communism may have been discredited as a viable economic system, but its proponents want to sneak it perniciously through the back door via cultural decadence.
By the early twentieth century, the anticolonial movement in India was firmly committed to the values of secular democracy; it sought to oust the British and, at the same time, overturn age-old customs around caste and gender that were just as perniciously anti-democratic as imperialism.