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n, pl perniones
(Pathology) a technical term for chilblain
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(ˈtʃɪl bleɪn)

n. Usu., chilblains.
an inflammation of the hands and feet caused by exposure to cold and moisture. Also called pernio.
[1540–50; chill + blain]
chil′blained, adj.
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Noun1.pernio - inflammation of the hands and feet caused by exposure to cold and moisture
blain - an inflammatory swelling or sore
kibe - ulcerated chilblain on the heel
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Pernio is the Latin name for which medical complaint?
A diagnosis of lupus pernio (cutaneous sarcoidosis) without systemic involvement was made.
Specific lesions are those that histologically display noncaseating granulomas, which manifest clinically as maculopapules, plaques, lupus pernio, scar-sarcoidosis, and subcutaneous sarcoidosis.
[53] Two clinically important and easily recognisable skin lesions are erythema nodosum and lupus pernio. Erythema nodosum is the hallmark of acute sarcoidosis and the lesion consists of raised' red' tender bumps or nodules on the anterior aspects of the legs.
Lupus pernio is associated with the worse prognosis both in systemic disease and the more chronic cutaneous lesions.30
Cutaneous lesions seen in sarcoidosis include papules, nodules, plaques, angiolupoid, ulcerative, and verrucous lesions, hypopigmented macules, lupus pernio, erythroderma, and granulomas in scars or areas subject to chronic trauma (3).
Esses problemas podem ser agravados em trabalhadores suscetiveis, portadores de eritema pernio ou fenomeno de Reynaud (3).
The initial development of erythema pernio can alarm and puzzle patient and health professional, although the skin manifestations of chilblains are readily recognisable.
Six months ago the patient was diagnosed with pernio erythema (cutaneous distal lesions of her upper and lower limbs with erythema, pain and petechiae at the distal phalanges worsened in cold exposure).