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Through or by way of the mouth: a peroral infection; peroral administration of fluids.

per·o′ral·ly adv.


(Medicine) med through or via the mouth
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Contract awarded for Kolangioscopic system for looking at the bile and pancreas, And taking samples and performing actions in a straightforward visual control, Perorally
Group 1 rabbits (control) were given cholesterol (Fluca Chemie, AG, Buchs, Switzerland) perorally in dose of 2 g.
Initially radiologists used to place the stents perorally or percutaneously under fluoroscopic guidance but being invasive and with limited technical success rates this approach never got popularity7.
Bearing in mind that peroral route of administration improves availability and spread of a drug, we designed an experimental protocol to test the effectiveness of the bienzyme conjugate administered perorally.
Statin given perorally to adult rats increases cancellous bone mass and compressive strength.
The patient initially received sulfasalazine 1000 mg twice a day and indomethacin perorally 25 mg 3 times a day.
After this incidental discovery, the efficacy and safety of nonselective p-blockers as a therapeutic option for IHs became subjects of numerous studies worldwide, and within the last few years perorally administered propranolol became the gold standard in treatment of IH of all localizations (11, 15, 16).
The animals were delivered with glicoinuvit perorally at a dose of 50 and 100 mg/kg, and lipoic acid-per 20 mg/kg.
2) L-dopa test: L-dopa was given perorally accounted for by body weight; 125 mg for less than 15 kg, 250 mg for 16kg to 30 kg and 500 mg for over 30 kg.
Chicken interferon-[alpha] administered perorally in drinking water acts on the ompharyngeal mucosal system as an adjuvant that causes chickens to rapidly seroconvert after natural infection by low-pathogenicity Influenza virus.