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Through or by way of the mouth: a peroral infection; peroral administration of fluids.

per·o′ral·ly adv.


(Medicine) med through or via the mouth
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POET limitations include the challenge of performing the procedure in the fundus and upper greater curvature of the stomach, and lesions larger than 4 cm are difficult to retrieve perorally.
After an hour of dosing, all of the mice were challenged with 0.5 mL of castor oil perorally to induce diarrhea.
Group 1 rabbits (control) were given cholesterol (Fluca Chemie, AG, Buchs, Switzerland) perorally in dose of 2 g.
Initially radiologists used to place the stents perorally or percutaneously under fluoroscopic guidance but being invasive and with limited technical success rates this approach never got popularity7.
Calculi at the distal end of the duct can be removed perorally. However, those that are located more proximally or in the substance of the gland may require excision of the gland.
Bearing in mind that peroral route of administration improves availability and spread of a drug, we designed an experimental protocol to test the effectiveness of the bienzyme conjugate administered perorally. Rats were given SOD-CHS-CAT with cottage cheese at a daily dose of 17.5 mg/ kg body weight for 3 weeks (experimental group).
Statin given perorally to adult rats increases cancellous bone mass and compressive strength.