peroxide blond

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Noun1.peroxide blond - a blond whose hair is bleached with peroxide
blond, blonde - a person with fair skin and hair
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The sun was ruddy-brown in his face, and by it his sandy hair was bleached on the ends to peroxide blond. He signed to Daylight to halt, and held up a letter.
Javier Hernandez, sporting a new peroxide blond haircut, was then unable to get on the end of Lozano's cross when unmarked at the far post.
In fact, the chart-topper was almost unrecognisable after ditching his peroxide blond hair for his natural brown at the LA premiere of The Defiant Ones.
The peroxide blond from ITV reality drama The Only Way is Essex will host a catwalk show at the Bullring shopping centre as part of Style Birmingham LIVE - a two-day event aimed at boosting business for the city's shops.
"He had peroxide blond hair with black roots with a very short fringe and spoke with a local accent.
And the cluster of Newcastle supporters at York Street last night will have struggled to recognise the trim figure with his peroxide blond hair and gaunt features.
The saints were colored--or, better, colorized, as if by the hand that would eventually undo the magisterial chastity of my favorite black-and-white movies: the saints' curly hair was either Jean Harlow peroxide blond or Joan Crawford "raven," though without Hollywood's klieg-lit glossiness.
These shots, taken for his portfolio a few years back, show the diva sporting a peroxide blond crop and licking a chain that's wrapped around the neck of a semi-naked man on all fours.
As I talk to him he stands in character with a pork-pie hat, sun glasses, peroxide blond hair and gold necklace with a boxing glove on.
A peroxide blond bombshell from the Valleys has been chosen for boy band stardom by ex-Busted ace James Bourne.
AMONGST the wealth of tatty items sold by Nigel, the peroxide blond bombshell at Reflex, is a sickly red T shirt with "I love 80's " emblazoned across the chest.
Hann has bags of talent, but the temperamental peroxide blond remains the game's most fragile performer - and there must be a chance he will once again lose whatever composure he possesses when he meets the Rocket for the fourth time this year.