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A cell organelle containing a large number of enzymes, including catalase and oxidase, that break down long-chain fatty acids and other organic molecules. The hydrogen peroxide produced by these reactions is also broken down within the peroxisome.

per·ox′i·som′al (-sō′məl) adj.


(Biology) biology of or relating to a peroxisome; of the nature of a peroxisome
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The PPAR-I3 agonist pioglitazone protects cortical neurons from inflammatory mediators via improvement in peroxisomal function.
X-linked adrenoleukodystophy (ALD) is a peroxisomal disorder that affects both central nervous system and adrenal cortex and shows a wide range of clinical spectrum.
(16) Both in vivo and in vitro morphological and molecular genetic experiments have demonstrated that the NDPK-like protein DYNAMO1 is involved in the mitochondrial and peroxisomal division mediated by the dynamin-like protein Dnm1.
Vision problems caused by deterioration of the light-sensitive layer at the back of the eye (the retina) can also occur in this disorder.4 Alterations in the gene programming peroxisomal AMACR grounds adult-onset neuromuscular disease.5 AMACR is highly overexpressed in prostate cancer (PCa) and its transcriptional regulators include various transcription factors and CTNNB1/b-catenin.
18 October (Day 2 - Main Conference) will see Patrick Mollon, Director Health-Economics, Outcomes Research & Epidemiology at Shire analysing challenges and future strategies of market access in rare diseases; AKU Society's CEO and Board Chair - Nicolas Sireau will deliver a Keynote Address on patient involvement in orphan drug clinical development; Xavier Ortega, Project Manager, Rare Diseases at Minoryx presenting a Case Study on targeting a peroxisomal disorder (X-ALD)
Peroxisomal trans-2-enoyl-CoA reductase was reported to be a key enzyme of fatty acid metabolism as it catalyzes the reduction of unsaturated enoyl-CoAs to saturated acyl-CoAs [22].
However, certain rare peroxisomal disorders are diagnosed by identifying abnormal FAs.
This factor is responsible for mitochondrial and peroxisomal biogenesis which ultimately regulates the oxidation of macromolecules.
Furthermore, there is an obvious enlargement of the pseudocoelom between the distal and peroxisomal gonads (Figure 3(b)).
Also, LPL-induced peroxisomal proliferators-activated receptor-[alpha] (PPAR-[alpha]) signaling pathway activation was suggested as a factor that suppresses HCV infection [7].