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1. Mathematics Intersecting at or forming right angles.
2. Being at right angles to the horizontal; vertical. See Synonyms at vertical.
3. often Perpendicular Of or relating to a style of English Gothic architecture of the 1300s and 1400s, characterized by the use of fan vaulting and broad windows with many mullions.
In a perpendicular position.
1. Mathematics A line or plane perpendicular to a given line or plane.
2. A perpendicular position.
3. A device, such as a plumb line, that is used in marking the vertical from a given point.
4. A vertical or nearly vertical line or plane.

[Middle English perpendiculer, from Old French, from Latin perpendiculāris, from perpendiculum, plumb line, from perpendere, to weigh carefully : per-, per- + pendere, to weigh; see (s)pen- in Indo-European roots.]

per′pen·dic′u·lar′i·ty (-lăr′ĭ-tē) n.
per′pen·dic′u·lar·ly adv.
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Adv.1.perpendicularly - straight up or down without a break
2.perpendicularly - in a perpendicular manner; "this red line runs perpendicularly to the green line"
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[ˌpɜːpnˈdɪkjʊləlɪ] advperpendicolarmente
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(pəːpənˈdikjulə) adjective
standing, rising etc straight upwards; vertical. a perpendicular cliff.
ˌperpenˈdicularly adverb
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where, when seamen fall overboard, they are sometimes found, months afterwards, perpendicularly frozen into the hearts of fields of ice, as a fly is found glued in amber.
Hence the importance of the advice to try the experiment upon some point of that part of the globe, in order that the projectile might be discharged perpendicularly, and so the soonest escape the action of gravitation.
Shooting himself perpendicularly from the water, Queequeg now took an instant's glance around him, and seeming to see just how matters were, dived down and disappeared.
"Yes," replied the Canadian, "a disabled ship that has sunk perpendicularly."
It was a still night and the snow was coming down in masses and falling almost perpendicularly, covering the pavement and the empty street as though with a pillow.
The uncovered area is then digged perpendicularly to the depth of about three feet, and is then gradually widened so as to form a conical chamber six or seven feet deep.
Second, that the gun should be a Columbiad cast in iron, 900 feet long, and run perpendicularly into the earth.
In the morning and the evening, when the wind is lulled, the smoke rises perpendicularly in a blue column, or floats in light clouds above the tree-tops, and can be discovered from afar.
But follow me now, and I will show you the only chance we have.' With this he conducted me to the verge of the cataract, and pointed along the side of the ravine to a number of curious looking roots, some three or four inches in thickness, and several feet long, which, after twisting among the fissures of the rock, shot perpendicularly from it and ran tapering to a point in the air, hanging over the gulf like so many dark icicles.
It was not the new panic amidships that froze my marrow; it was not that the pinnace hung perpendicularly by the fore-tackle, and had shot out those who had swarmed aboard her before she was lowered, as a cart shoots a load of bricks.
When a man has a nose an inch long, with the nostrils set perpendicularly, it is impossible to flatter it--you must either change it into a fancy nose, or resignedly acquiesce in it.
The air was pure, the wind moderate, and the balloon ascended almost perpendicularly to a height of fifteen hundred feet, as indicated by a depression of two inches in the barometric column.