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1. Lasting forever; never-ending: conceived heaven as a state of perpetual bliss.
2. Continuing or being so for an indefinitely long time: found themselves in perpetual debt; felt like a perpetual outsider. See Synonyms at continual.
3. Flowering throughout the growing season.

[Middle English perpetuel, from Old French, from Latin perpetuālis, from perpetuus, continuous : per-, per- + petere, to go toward; see pet- in Indo-European roots.]

per·pet′u·al·ly adv.
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Adv.1.perpetually - everlastingly; for all time; "rays...streaming perpetually from the sun"- Stuart Chase
2.perpetually - without interruption; "the world is constantly changing"
باسْتِمْرار، بِصورَةٍ دائِمَه
eilíflega, sífellt


[pəˈpetjʊəlɪ] ADV (= eternally) → permanentemente; (= continually) → constantemente, continuamente
we were perpetually hungryteníamos siempre hambre




[pəˈpɛtjʊlɪ] adveternamente, perennemente


(pəˈpetʃuəl) adjective
lasting for ever or for a long time; occurring repeatedly over a long time. He lives in perpetual fear of being discovered; perpetual noise.
perˈpetually adverb
References in classic literature ?
A FATHER had a family of sons who were perpetually quarreling among themselves.
The soil here consists of ice and volcanic ashes interstratified; and at a little depth beneath the surface it must remain perpetually congealed, for Lieut.
Their ideas are perpetually conversant in lines and figures.
Is it wonderful if we perpetually fail to understand one another?
Look where we may, the dark threads and the light cross each other perpetually in the texture of human life.
They were at this period extravagantly and preternaturally fond of me; which, after all, I could reflect, was no more than a graceful response in children perpetually bowed over and hugged.
He was perpetually departing on yard-long adventures toward the cave's entrance, and as perpetually being driven back.
I need not tell you how much I miss him, how perpetually he is in my thoughts.
Adam remained silent a few minutes, during which he seemed all eyes, for he perpetually ranged the whole circle of the horizon.
A state like this would ever be exposed to the invasions of those who were powerful and inclined to attack it; but, as has been already mentioned, its situation preserves it, as it is free from the inroads of foreigners; and for this reason the family slaves still remain quiet at Crete, while the Helots are perpetually revolting: for the Cretans take no part in foreign affairs, and it is but lately that any foreign troops have made an attack upon the island; and their ravages soon proved the ineffectualness of their laws.
He writhed under the jokes, practical and otherwise, which were perpetually made at his expense, and yet never ceased, it seemed wilfully, to expose himself to them.
was the rallying cry which perpetually caused the plundering, as soon as it was stopped in one place, to break out in another.