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1. Filled with confusion or bewilderment; puzzled.
2. Full of complications or difficulty; involved.

[Middle English, from perplex, confused, from Old French perplexe, from Latin perplexus : per-, per- + plexus, past participle of plectere, to entwine; see plek- in Indo-European roots.]

per·plex′ed·ly (-plĕk′sĭd-lē) adv.
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in a puzzled way
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Adv.1.perplexedly - in a perplexed manner; "he looked at his professor perplexedly"
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[pəˈpleksɪdlɪ] ADVperplejamente
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[pəˈplɛksɪdlɪ] advcon perplessità
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(pəˈpleks) verb
to puzzle or confuse (someone); to make (someone) unable to understand. She was perplexed by his questions.
perˈplexed adjective
perˈplexedly (-ˈpleksid-) adverb
perˈplexity noun
She stood there in perplexity.
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References in classic literature ?
Though, to be sure," added Aunt Jamesina perplexedly, "Elizabeth always used to laugh when she said it.
Magdalen looked at her perplexedly -- hesitated -- then walked away by herself toward the house.
(PETER, PERPLEXEDLY: "Seems to me I've heard something like that before.") It is very sad but we will all make some new resolutions next year and maybe it will be easier to keep those.
The English customer paid for what he had had, perplexedly counted his change, and asked, as a stranger, to be directed towards the National Palace.
Archer looked at her perplexedly, wondering if it were lightness or dissimulation that enabled her to touch so easily on the past at the very moment when she was risking her reputation in order to break with it.
He drummed perplexedly on the desk with his fingers.
He was frowning perplexedly, and I drew a deep breath of relief, for the terrible thought that had flashed across my mind was this: that Dr.
'It might be so,' says Twemlow; 'but--' And perplexedly scratching his head, forgetful of the yolks of eggs, is the more discomfited by being reminded how stickey he is.
Long-Beard counted long and perplexedly on his fingers.