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a. Overparticular about trivial details; fastidious.
b. Snobbish; pretentious.
2. Requiring strict attention to detail; demanding: a persnickety job.

[Alteration of pernickety.]

per·snick′e·ti·ness n.


the US word for pernickety


(pərˈsnɪk ɪ ti)

also pernickety

adj. Informal.
1. excessively particular; fussy.
2. requiring painstaking care.
[1885–90; orig. Scots, variant of pernickety]
per•snick′et•i•ness, n.
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Adj.1.persnickety - (used colloquially) overly conceited or arrogantpersnickety - (used colloquially) overly conceited or arrogant; "a snotty little scion of a degenerate family"-Laurent Le Sage; "they're snobs--stuck-up and uppity and persnickety"
proud - feeling self-respect or pleasure in something by which you measure your self-worth; or being a reason for pride; "proud parents"; "proud of his accomplishments"; "a proud moment"; "proud to serve his country"; "a proud name"; "proud princes"
2.persnickety - characterized by excessive precision and attention to trivial details; "a persnickety job"; "a persnickety school teacher"
fastidious - giving careful attention to detail; hard to please; excessively concerned with cleanliness; "a fastidious and incisive intellect"; "fastidious about personal cleanliness"




adj (US inf) → pingelig (inf); (= tricky, delicate) work, pointheikel
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Coupled with other forms of co-op board persnicketiness, advocates say, this subtle discrimination is harming the city's already weakened housing market by eliminating qualified buyers.
"a hearty bowl of hot oats and its pickle of fresh strawberries." [Jane Austen, Perspiration and Persnicketiness.] However, by century's close the word was in danger of becoming extinct, and its 1897 revival, in the context of publicity for brine-cured cucumbers ("Pickle to Your Sandwich"), was clearly intended by the Lake Michigan Brinesoaked Foodstuffs Company as a quaint display of a near-archaic term.