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The personal allowance is a fixed amount that is set against a taxpayer's gross income in any one tax year, allowing her/ him to receive that much income free of tax.
While the majority of part-time employees will earn less than the tax-free personal allowance, the tax code applied may mean you pay more than you should.
Here are some ways you can make your money work harder: PERSONAL ALLOWANCE WHETHER you are working for a business or are self-employed, you can currently earn up to PS11,500 before having to pay tax.
Personal Allowance Tapering and the Child Benefit Tax Charge can potentially be avoided by making pension contributions.
The income tax-free personal allowance increases from 10,600 to 11,000, giving an 80 tax cut to a typical taxpayer, cutting income tax for over 30 million taxpayers and taking 680,000 out of paying income tax altogether.
FAMILIES WINNERS Personal allowance will increase to PS11,000 in April 2016 and to PS11,500 in April 2017, which will save PS100 tax per annum.
The Marriage Allowance now permits a wife or husband who receive less than the Personal Allowance to transfer PS1,060 to his or her spouse, if he or she is a standard rate taxpayer.
To be able to obtain the maximum benefit of this rate band, an individual saver's income would have to be PS15,600 (PS10,600 Personal Allowance plus PS5,000) or less.
Tax free personal allowance The tax-free personal allowance will be increased from PS10,600 in 2015-16 to PS11,000 in April 2016.
Since April, the marriage tax allowance has meant that if one spouse earns less than the personal allowance (currently PS10,600) and the other earns more but is still a basic 20% taxpayer, then up to PS1,060 of their unused allowance can be moved over.
Highlights of the Budget 2015 include the UK having the fastest growth in the G7 in 2014; debt declining as a share of GDP in 2015-2016; the tax free personal allowance being increased to GBP11,000 in April 2017; a new Personal Savings Allowance; introduction of the Help to Buy ISA; an additional GBP1.
But they keep PS1140 more of their pay because of the higher personal allowance.

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