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Noun1.personal identity - the distinct personality of an individual regarded as a persisting entity; "you can lose your identity when you join the army"
personality - the complex of all the attributes--behavioral, temperamental, emotional and mental--that characterize a unique individual; "their different reactions reflected their very different personalities"; "it is his nature to help others"
gender identity - your identity as it is experienced with regard to your individuality as male or female; awareness normally begin in infancy and is reinforced during adolescence
identification - the attribution to yourself (consciously or unconsciously) of the characteristics of another person (or group of persons)
personhood - being a person; "finding her own personhood as a campus activist"
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The Billickin took it ill that Miss Twinkleton's mind, being sorely disturbed by this luggage, failed to take in her personal identity with that clearness of perception which was due to its demands.
A very few white people, but many Asiatics, can throw themselves into a mazement as it were by repeating their own names over and over again to themselves, letting the mind go free upon speculation as to what is called personal identity.
Broadcasting from the online network, WCOBM, Identity Files invites celebrities, authors, and change makers from all walks of life to unravel the tangled web that is personal identity.
Therefore, the security of mobile devices is becoming a priority for individual consumers and enterprises alike, leading to an increased adoption of personal identity management solutions.
The author explores contemporary metaphysical theories on the nature of personhood, theories of personal identity over time, and the constitution of self-identity.
A number of politicians attended the LGBTI event, which celebrates diversity and personal identity, including MSP Mary Scanlon.
The mis- take of mistaking influences of identity to her personal identity itself.
Identities may differ in terms of one's propensity toward a social identity or a personal identity (Nario-Redmond, Biernat, Eidelman, & Palenske, 2004).
Federal Government standard that specifies Personal Identity Verification (PIV) requirements for Federal employees and contractors.
The Early Modern Subject: Self-Consciousness and Personal Identity from Descartes to Hume.
This book gives substance to this claim in two respects: it traces the emergence and development of the early modern debate on both consciousness and personal identity.
Gasser and Stefan note that personal identity is continuous.

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