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Noun1.personal income - the income received by a single individual
income - the financial gain (earned or unearned) accruing over a given period of time
poverty level, poverty line - a level of personal income defining the state of poverty
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36 Personal income excluding current transfer receipts,
In the first quarter of 2012, total personal income in New Hampshire grew to $61.
Nationwide, per capita personal income was $41,663 in 2011 compared with $39,937 in 2010, a 4.
Per capita personal income (PCPI) is a frequently used measure of economic well-being.
The Bureau of Economic Analysis last week released figures by state on personal income growth and on the growth of net earnings by industry from the 2nd to the 3rd quarter of 2003.
per capita personal income could rise fivefold, from $31,384 today to $155,632 in 2077.
Total personal income increased nearly 2 percent in the fourth quarter of 1999 compared to the previous quarter.
Corporate and personal income taxes, as well as sales and value-added taxes, are tariffs on domestic economic activity.
Will the personal income tax soon be the states' No.
Three of the most widely used measures of household income are BEA's measure of personal income, the Census Bureau's measure of money income, and the Internal Revenue Service's measure of adjusted gross income of individuals.

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