personal line of credit

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Noun1.personal line of credit - the maximum credit that a customer is allowed
consumer credit - a line of credit extended for personal or household use
credit - money available for a client to borrow
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Financial Snapshot: Kimberly Burney Waldorf, MD HOUSEHOLD INCOME Gross Income $95,397 ASSETS Home $330,000 401(k) account 19,000 BMW 325i* 40,000 Savings account 4,500 Checking account 300 Savings bonds 1,200 Total $395,000 LIABILITIES Mortgage $230,000 Personal line of credit 20,000 Credit cards 600 Total $250,600 NET WORTH $144,400 * ACCORDING TO KELLEY BLUE BOOK
But a personal line of credit to the accountholder may be permissible."
It was also a big investment for him because he used his savings and a personal line of credit from good equity to move out of the district office he shared and into his own.
The wide range of loan plans includes: new and used vehicle loans; mortgages, home equity loans, and lines of credit; MasterCard Standard, Visa Classic, Visa Gold, and Visa Platinum Choice Rewards credit cards; Thrifty Credit Service personal line of credit; no-collateral Personal Advantage Loans; and government-guaranteed education loans and our Tax-Smart College Line of Credit.

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