personal line of credit

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Noun1.personal line of credit - the maximum credit that a customer is allowed
consumer credit - a line of credit extended for personal or household use
credit - money available for a client to borrow
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In 1985, with a $7,500 personal line of credit on a checking account, she started Madison Resources, a leader today in home improvement loans.
Some banks can offer you a combination of both a personal line of credit and a loan secured by a collateral mortgage on your residence.
offers a unique proposition - Personal Line of credit to its customer that allots a specific amount that can be withdrawn and used for any financial requirements.
Some banks also let you link your checking account to either a personal line of credit or a home equity line of credit.
After all the mergers took place in the 1980s Dad got the idea that he wanted to do something with all the equipment surplus, so he started the business with a secretary and his own personal line of credit at the bank," Thomason said.

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