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Noun1.personal memory - memory for episodes in your own life
long-term memory, LTM - your general store of remembered information
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Roberts knows from vivid personal memory just how punishing an appointment with the Springboks can be.
Jeff referred to Ray's sense of humour and I'll bet that anyone who played in a game he "reffed" has a personal memory that brings a smile to their face.
Creet concludes with an essay on the relationship between archival materials, especially personal testimony, and personal memory and official history.
The drug squad detective put the files on his personal memory stick and took it home in his wallet, which was stolen in a burglary.
Each symbolic of a personal memory, the doors will be turned into a giant book, featuring selected verses from the Liverpool Saga, a poem created by hundreds of local people for Capital of Culture year.
We are looking for people who may have a personal memory, or memories handed down through their families, of being in Berkswell or Balsall Common at this time.
In their tale of Jewish refugees during and after the Nazi era, Deborah Dwork and Robert Jan van Pelt braid the private and public realms, personal memory and official history.
New York in order to engage critically with some theoretical, political, and cinematic issues in relation to collective and personal memory and trauma.
A FOND personal memory of the late, great Vincent O'Brien was from the evening of September 10, 1988 (a date that did not come to me until I looked at the autographed copy of Vincent O'Brien's Great Horses, where it was identified by the perfectionist himself).
The study indicates personal memory and history become entwined, leading to the formation of H-DAPs and causing us to "live-in-history.
As Carter takes us down his own personal memory lane, he speaks of his thorny relationship with former Israeli Prime Minister, Menachem Begin.
US Modular, a designer and manufacturer of personal memory, power, and storage products, today announced that its lithium-ion PowerAid charger for mobile devices will be available this month.

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