personal watercraft

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personal watercraft

1. A motorized recreational water vehicle normally ridden by straddling a seat.
2. (used with a pl. verb) Such water vehicles considered as a group.
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per′sonal wa′tercraft

a jet-propelled boat or boats ridden like a motorcycle.
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قارِب شَخْصي لِراكِبَيْن
vodní skútr
osobné motorové plavidlo
su motorsikleti


(ˈpəːsn) plural people (ˈpiːpl) ˈpersons noun
1. a human being. There's a person outside who wants to speak to you.
2. a person's body. He never carried money on his person (= with him; in his pockets etc).
ˈpersonal adjective
1. one's own. This is his personal opinion; The matter will have my personal attention.
2. private. This is a personal matter between him and me.
3. in person. The Prime Minister will make a personal appearance.
4. (making remarks which are) insulting, especially about a person's appearance etc. personal remarks; Don't be personal!
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ˈpersonally adverb
1. in one's own opinion. Personally, I prefer the other.
2. doing something oneself, not having or letting someone else do it on one's behalf. He thanked me personally.
ˌpersonal comˈputer noun
(also PC) a small computer that can be used independently by an individual user for word-processing, games, e-mail, storage of information. etc.
personal pronoun
a pronoun which refers to the first, second or third persons. I am going; He hit her; She saw you.
ˌpersonal ˈstereo noun
(also Walkman®) a small (radio and) cassette player with headphones that enables the person wearing it to listen to music while walking etc.
ˌpersonal ˌwatercraft noun
a small boat for one or two people that is ridden like a motorcycle.
in person
personally; one's self, not represented by someone else. The Queen was there in person; I'd like to thank him in person.
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* Boating Law -- Boat registration; boating regulation; hull identification number; required boat safety equipment; operating safely and reporting accidents; protecting the marine environment; Federal boat law; state boating laws; personal watercraft requirements.
Summary: The global Personal Watercraft Market is expected to witness a moderate demand attributed to increasing participation in watersport activities.
Florida's Largest Powersports Dealer Works Hard to Promote Personal Watercraft Racing.
The Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi said on Tuesday that carrying damaged registration card for personal watercraft is punishable by a fine of Dh500, based on the regulations on licensing, hiring and using personal watercraft.
A Rhyl RNLI spokesman said: "It is always advisable for owners of personal watercraft, if they run out of fuel in the main tank, to switch to the reserve tank and try to get back to their launch site, or to shore if possible."
With offices across the country, NSA's personal lines watercraft program and commercial lines recreational marine program divisions focus on providing solutions for personal and commercial recreational marine risks including personal watercraft, yachts, marinas, boat dealers, yacht brokers, boat repair businesses, and yacht clubs.
Isaac Newton might not be the first name that comes to mind when you think of skipping across a lake on a personal watercraft, but the brilliant physicist led the way for the summer fun with his third law of motion.
The Ultraskiff is around, lightweight personal watercraft for fishermen and hunters.
The SeaA[degrees]Doo Spark makes owning a personal watercraft easier than ever before.
The study found the rate of life jacket use among youth was nearly 99 percent for personal watercraft or water skis but only about 60 percent for all other boats.

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