personal watercraft

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personal watercraft

1. A motorized recreational water vehicle normally ridden by straddling a seat.
2. (used with a pl. verb) Such water vehicles considered as a group.

per′sonal wa′tercraft

a jet-propelled boat or boats ridden like a motorcycle.
قارِب شَخْصي لِراكِبَيْن
vodní skútr
osobné motorové plavidlo
su motorsikleti


(ˈpəːsn) plural people (ˈpiːpl) ˈpersons noun
1. a human being. There's a person outside who wants to speak to you.
2. a person's body. He never carried money on his person (= with him; in his pockets etc).
ˈpersonal adjective
1. one's own. This is his personal opinion; The matter will have my personal attention.
2. private. This is a personal matter between him and me.
3. in person. The Prime Minister will make a personal appearance.
4. (making remarks which are) insulting, especially about a person's appearance etc. personal remarks; Don't be personal!
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3. a well-known person. a television personality; (also adjective) a personality cult (= very great, usually too great, admiration for a person, usually a political leader).
ˈpersonally adverb
1. in one's own opinion. Personally, I prefer the other.
2. doing something oneself, not having or letting someone else do it on one's behalf. He thanked me personally.
ˌpersonal comˈputer noun
(also PC) a small computer that can be used independently by an individual user for word-processing, games, e-mail, storage of information. etc.
personal pronoun
a pronoun which refers to the first, second or third persons. I am going; He hit her; She saw you.
ˌpersonal ˈstereo noun
(also Walkman®) a small (radio and) cassette player with headphones that enables the person wearing it to listen to music while walking etc.
ˌpersonal ˌwatercraft noun
a small boat for one or two people that is ridden like a motorcycle.
in person
personally; one's self, not represented by someone else. The Queen was there in person; I'd like to thank him in person.
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This personal watercraft is offered in 5 fun colors: vanilla (black and white), pineapple (black and yellow), orange crush (black and orange), bubble gum (black and magenta), and licorice (all black).
Summary: The DoT has set a clear and easy personal watercraft (Jet Ski) registration process through which owners visit the Unified Centre in the Mina area to complete the inspection of their craft, followed by filling out a registration application by owners or representatives (with Power of Attorney).
Singer Sean Kingston hit a bridge in Miami while operating a Jet Ski personal watercraft, sending him and his passenger to the hospital.
WORCESTER - More than a year after the personal watercraft accident that left then-9-year-old Yaritza Diaz seriously injured, the two men charged in connection with the crash pleaded guilty to two charges each in Central District Court yesterday afternoon.
He added: 'We cannot permit personal watercraft to be navigated in such inconsiderate manner, and continue to cause danger and annoyance to other coastal users.
A coalition of personal watercraft manufacturers, dealers, and users has filed a petition to overturn a federal ban on the vehicles in Biscayne in Florida and other national parks.
However, motorized personal watercraft, such as the Powerski jet board, are subject to significant restrictions in many states.
The most environmentally harmful two-stroke marine craft, Smith says, are the personal watercraft such as Jet Skis[R] and Waterbikes[R].
Personal watercraft owners have never sought unlimited access to all waterways in national parks.
Personal watercraft, both the stand-up and sit-down styles, disrupt breeding colonies even more than boats chugging by, says Joanna Burger of Rutgers University in Piscataway, N.
For many personal watercraft enthusiasts, "shredding [H.

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