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personal watercraft

1. A motorized recreational water vehicle normally ridden by straddling a seat.
2. (used with a pl. verb) Such water vehicles considered as a group.

per′sonal wa′tercraft

a jet-propelled boat or boats ridden like a motorcycle.
قارِب شَخْصي لِراكِبَيْن
vodní skútr
osobné motorové plavidlo
su motorsikleti


(ˈpəːsn) plural people (ˈpiːpl) ˈpersons noun
1. a human being. There's a person outside who wants to speak to you.
2. a person's body. He never carried money on his person (= with him; in his pockets etc).
ˈpersonal adjective
1. one's own. This is his personal opinion; The matter will have my personal attention.
2. private. This is a personal matter between him and me.
3. in person. The Prime Minister will make a personal appearance.
4. (making remarks which are) insulting, especially about a person's appearance etc. personal remarks; Don't be personal!
ˌpersoˈnalityplural persoˈnalities noun
1. a person's characteristics (of the mind, the emotions etc) as a whole. a likeable / forceful (= strong) personality.
2. strong, distinctive (usually attractive) character. She is not beautiful but she has a lot of personality.
3. a well-known person. a television personality; (also adjective) a personality cult (= very great, usually too great, admiration for a person, usually a political leader).
ˈpersonally adverb
1. in one's own opinion. Personally, I prefer the other.
2. doing something oneself, not having or letting someone else do it on one's behalf. He thanked me personally.
ˌpersonal comˈputer noun
(also PC) a small computer that can be used independently by an individual user for word-processing, games, e-mail, storage of information. etc.
personal pronoun
a pronoun which refers to the first, second or third persons. I am going; He hit her; She saw you.
ˌpersonal ˈstereo noun
(also Walkman®) a small (radio and) cassette player with headphones that enables the person wearing it to listen to music while walking etc.
ˌpersonal ˌwatercraft noun
a small boat for one or two people that is ridden like a motorcycle.
in person
personally; one's self, not represented by someone else. The Queen was there in person; I'd like to thank him in person.
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The Sea-Doo Spark is lighter, more fuel efficient, and costs less than other personal watercrafts on the market.
The service department offers repair, oil changes, tire rotation and maintenance for motorcycles, side by sides and personal watercrafts.
Owners have been told to bring along a number of valid documents to ensure a smooth registration process including copies of UAE identity cards; bill of sale (or any other proof of ownership); customs clearance certificates (if applicable); valid insurance policy for 13 months issued by a licensed insurer in the UAE, in addition to any other documents that the DoT may deem necessary for registration and licensing of personal watercrafts.
How the two personal watercrafts collided is still under investigation.
Towry said he and some friends have been camping in the area, and while they considered going elsewhere to ride personal watercrafts, they came back to Pyramid Lake anyway.
The company's flagship products, V-SEPT Powersports and V-Web SMART, support powersports dealers selling motorcycles, ATVs, personal watercrafts, snowmobiles, and lawn and garden products.
As written, the bill would ban about half the boats and all the personal watercrafts on Castaic Lake, Coash said.
The sponsorship includes docking systems and lifts for the demo site of all new Sea Doo personal watercrafts and sport boats.
One of the measures prohibits children under 16 from operating personal watercrafts or any vessel with an engine of 15 horsepower or greater without adult supervision.
Specifically designed to secure all types of boats and personal watercrafts, the Anchor is an innovative water resistant and moisture proof security device, based on RFID technology.
NYSE:PII) to warehouse and distribute Polaris personal watercrafts (PWCs) and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) throughout the entire country of Mexico.
All segments show positive gains for the first quarter, with inboard cruisers up 20 percent, outboard boats up 14 percent, jet drive boats up 32 percent, stern drive boats up five percent and personal watercraft (PWC) up three percent.

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