(pûr′sə-nā′lē-ə, -nāl′yə)
1. Personal allusions or references.
2. Personal belongings or affairs.

[Latin persōnālia, neuter pl. of persōnālis, relating to a person; see personality.]


pl n
the accoutrements, concerns, or intimations that are personal to one
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Photographs, illustrations, facsimiles, notes, personalia, list of works, bibliography, index.
Resolutie Gouverneur Generaal en Raden," 8 June 1762, VOC [archief] 832, personalia klapper, Nationaal Archief.
de 1935 Personalia der Periode van het Engelsch Bestuur over Java 1811-1816.
In January 1602/03 Williams' curate, John Burrell, admitted to having fallen temporarily into "recusancy": LAO Responsa Personalia Box 61/I/No.
Subject: The Quiz will focus on applications of Information Technology across various sectors such as world of Internet and unique web sites, IT buzzwords and acronyms, IT Personalia - international, national and local, advertisements of IT and communication companies, software products and brands, history of IT as well as the humorous side of IT.
Tras su victoria sobre Majencio, Constantino equiparo juridicamente al clero cristiano con los colegios sacerdotales paganos, eximiendolo de los munera personalia, un conjunto de servicios debidos al Estado, como ingresar en la curia, transportar el equipaje de funcionarios y militares, y proporcionar alojamiento y comida a los miembros del sequito del emperador o a las tropas de paso (49).
resolved by the application of statuta personalia or statute realia.
The personalia involved here help to explain why the clan gathered in this way.
Et penes hoc dicuntur significare (24), Quod sunt iurandi vel personalia, qualis, Quanti vel similis, eventus auf prohibendi, 95 Temporis, optandi, numerive locive negandi Aut affirmandi, querendi vel dubitandi, Ordinis, hortandi, demonstrandi, vocitandi, Respondendi, consociandi, dissociandi Aut per que vel comparut ulla vel eligat utens.
Smallman gave Schutz's predecessors as Dresden Kapellmeister the briefest, and not always the most accurate, of introductions -- each received just one sentence of text, and four were given short entries in the Personalia appendix.
Accordingly, to this book of alphabetized battle synopses (with personalia, forces, and brief narrations) Thomas has added whole chapters of engagements not accorded honors but that are of historical significance, as well as actions not properly "battles"--such as the Dunkirk evacuation and the (German) "Channel dash.

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