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tr.v. per·son·al·ized, per·son·al·iz·ing, per·son·al·iz·es
a. To render personal rather than impersonal or purely professional: personalized the doctor-patient relationship.
b. To make or alter so as to meet individual needs, inclinations, or specifications: personalize a drug regimen; personalize emails to potential customers.
c. To have printed, engraved, or monogrammed with one's name or initials: personalized the bath towels.
2. To take (a general remark or characterization) in a personal manner.
3. To attribute human or personal qualities to; personify: "songs from the fifties and sixties that personalized automobiles by giving them names" (Christopher Hitchens).

per′son·al·i·za′tion (-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
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Email as a marketing tool is making a strong comeback with personalization.
"Luxury brands have always been pioneers in automobile personalization and Maserati continues to focus on personalization for enhancing our customer experience," said Alberto Cavaggioni, managing director of Maserati China.
Research shows that consumers want and expect personalization, and that they are most comfortable with providing personal data when they are able to manage and control the resulting experiences.
Global Banking News-September 4, 2018--Research says most banks can't deliver on 'Personalization Promise'
No wonder personalisation is often called "the mother of all guilt." Here's a strategy for countering this form of personalization. Question the validity of your belief that you're responsible for other people.
With the new Personalization Lines, Muhlbauer follows the increasing demand for RFID and NFC products that include special printed features, serialization printing and unique encoding.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 4, 2018--Research says most banks can't deliver on 'Personalization Promise'
This offer gives fashion companies a 360Adeg-view of the entire personalization process, providing them with the visibility to streamline multiple production processes and manage complex individual demands from custom order to cut piece.
A special 'Personalization Gift Shop' and branded personalization gift carts will bring an exclusive and enticing experience to travelers with personalization services.
Evolis' solutions support any requirement in card personalization, from basic printing in small runs up to the personalization of advanced and secured cards in large volumes.

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