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(Building) trademark any of various clear acrylic resins, used chiefly as a substitute for glass
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Noun1.perspex - a trademark for a transparent thermoplastic acrylic resinPerspex - a trademark for a transparent thermoplastic acrylic resin
polymethyl methacrylate - a transparent plastic used as a substitute for glass
trademark - a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product


® [ˈpɜːspeks] N (esp Brit) → plexiglás ® m


[ˈpɜːrspɛks] n (British)Plexiglas® m


nAcrylglas nt, → Akrylglas nt


® [ˈpɜːspɛks] nplexiglas ® m
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Rock top, pounds 24.99, TFNC, denim skirt, pounds 80, Peter Golding, fishnet tights, pounds 4, diamante buckle belt, pounds 150, and perspex bangles, pounds 8 each, Ad Hoc (020 7376 8829), boots, pounds 229, L'Autre Chose (020 7437 3388)
Some of these collages are printed on film and attached to a Perspex support.
Something as simple as a perspex box can become a dazzling feature in any room.
But this contrivance has an upper car deck floored with green limestone, the lower one with translucent perspex panels each 30mm thick and calculated to take a two ton weight and point loading without shattering.
A toughened clear Perspex cage seems to be the only answer otherwise this will become an ongoing target for any idiot hell bent on causing destruction to this fantastic symbol of our heritage.
This cluster of white shapes on a thong, pounds 10, is just one of what the Freedom people call "plastic fantastic." Other white pieces include Perspex hearts, link chains, and Alice bands.
CHILDREN have been creating artwork on perspex which is now going on show in Liverpool.
The event, at Gateshead's MetroCentre, will see two teams start a five day long charity challenge to live in a bare perspex box.
His latest stunt is the talk of offices and pubs around the country as he put himself in a perspex box for 44 days with just water and no food.
The building also has a power-floated concrete floor, an eaves height of 5m and natural lighting from the perspex sheeting in the roof.
It has emerged the same aluminium and Perspex cable car crashed 20ft into snow at the nearby Nevis Ski Complex in 1990.