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tr.v. per·suad·ed, per·suad·ing, per·suades
To cause (someone) to accept a point of view or to undertake a course of action by means of argument, reasoning, or entreaty: "to make children fit to live in a society by persuading them to learn and accept its codes" (Alan W. Watts). See Usage Note at convince.

[Latin persuādēre : per-, per- + suādēre, to urge; see swād- in Indo-European roots.]

per·suad′a·ble adj.
per·suad′er n.
Synonyms: persuade, induce, prevail, convince
These verbs mean to succeed in causing a person to do or consent to something. Persuade means to win someone over, as by reasoning or force of personality: Nothing could persuade her to change her mind. To induce is to lead, as to a course of action, by means of influence or persuasion: "Pray what could induce him to commit so rash an action?" (Oliver Goldsmith).
One prevails on somebody who resists: "He had prevailed upon the king to spare them" (Daniel Defoe).
To convince is to persuade by the use of argument or evidence: The salesman convinced me that the car was worth the price.


(pərˈsweɪ dər)

1. one that persuades.
2. Slang. something, as a gun, used to coerce.
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Noun1.persuader - someone who tries to persuade or induce or lead on
communicator - a person who communicates with others
lobbyist - someone who is employed to persuade legislators to vote for legislation that favors the lobbyist's employer
Svengali - someone (usually maleficent) who tries to persuade or force another person to do his bidding
coaxer, wheedler - someone who tries to persuade by blandishment and coaxing


nÜberredungskünstler(in) m(f); the hidden persuadersdie geheimen Verführer
References in classic literature ?
After a fourth persuader, he drifted into it himself, in a quite simple and natural way:
But for that gentle persuader they must have tossed, unsoothed, the night through; for the whiskey was for me.
Additionally, the agency has issued a proposal to rescind the persuader rule, officially named "Interpretation of the 'Advice' Exemption in Section 203(c) of the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act.
And the Mossberg 500 Persuader has some pretty impressive bona fides--even after you toss in the almost-obligatory pejorative "for a .
Interestingly, Japan's Kawasaki P-1 MPA flew to the UK to participate in the Royal International Air Tattoo in July 2016 and had been considered by some members of the UK defence community as a potential late addition to the UK's options, with other possibilities discussed by the UK defence community including refurbished Lockheed Martin C-130J turboprop freighters configured for maritime patrol or the Airbus C-295 Persuader MPA.
Le ministre saoudien des Affaires etrangeres a annonce qu'il essayait de persuader les legislateurs americains de modifier la loi autorisant les victimes des attentats du 11 Septembre a poursuivre l'Arabie saoudite en justice, rapporte [beaucoup moins que]RT[beaucoup plus grand que]
They were hoping the ex-PSG star's love for the Hoops -rather than a money-spinning deal - would be the persuader.
While unionizing activities at franchise businesses have been limited historically, the Administration's new ambush elections and persuader rules have both facilitated union organization and complicated it.
Unlike other controversial DOL proposals, like the recent rule imposing fiduciary duty on retirement plan advisers and a pending change in the threshold wage for overtime pay eligibility, the persuader rule seemed to blindside employers.
The persuader rule, however, mandates re porting the use of consultants even if the consultant has no direct contact with employees and the employer is free to accept or reject its recommendations.
She simply may not live long enough to attend the March 9 hearing," Polozov said, adding that he would try to persuader her to call of the strike, but that he wasn't sure he would be successful.
About 12 years ago, I bought a used Mossberg 500A Persuader and finally knew it was the right shotgun for me.