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tr.v. per·turbed, per·turb·ing, per·turbs
1. To disturb or confuse; make uneasy or anxious: I was perturbed by his off-color remarks.
a. To cause (a system) to become altered or imbalanced from a normal state: volcanic eruptions that perturbed the climate.
b. Physics & Astronomy To cause perturbation in (the orbit of a celestial body, for example) by gravitational interaction.

[Middle English perturben, from Old French perturber, from Latin perturbāre : per-, per- + turbāre, to throw into disorder (from turba, confusion, perhaps from Greek turbē).]

per·turb′a·ble adj.
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It also seems to ask whether we are fundamentally detached to the forces of good and evil, like it is just one of the perturbable manifestations of our worldly disillusionment or whether we humans, in actuality, are by nature evil.