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tr.v. per·vad·ed, per·vad·ing, per·vades
To be present throughout; permeate: The sweet scent of gardenias pervaded the house. A sense of fear and mistrust pervades the novel. See Synonyms at imbue.

[Latin pervādere : per-, through; see per- + vādere, to go.]

per·vad′er n.
per·va′sion (-vā′zhən) n.


formal omnipresent; felt everywhere. See also all


References in classic literature ?
And after that, comes Mrs Veneering, in a pervadingly aquiline state of figure, and with transparent little knobs on her temper, like the little transparent knob on the bridge of her nose, 'Worn out by worry and excitement,' as she tells her dear Mr Twemlow, and reluctantly revived with curacoa by the Analytical.
pervadingly present with even greater vigor than in preceding papal
The "Pastoral Symphony" expresses a pervadingly peaceful character, again with repeating melodic and rhythmic figures.