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Separation of a mixture in which a component is diffused through a semipermeable membrane and evaporated.

[per- + (e)vaporation (on the model of permeation).]
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Noun1.pervaporation - the concentration of a colloidal solution whose colloid will not pass through a semipermeable membrane; solution is placed in a bag of the membrane and the solvent is evaporated off
concentration - strengthening the concentration (as of a solute in a mixture) by removing diluting material
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By application, the chemical separation membranes market is segmented into membrane distillation, membrane liquid extraction, gas/liquid separation, gas/liquid contacting, gas/gas separation, pervaporation, and zero liquid discharge.
In this context, pervaporation with hydrophilic membranes has proved to be a viable technology to supplement traditional processes in ethanol purification, due to the higher selectivity toward water and relatively low energetic operation costs, especially when compared with extractive distillation, since it does not require a solvent.
These polymers may be fabricated into membranes, flat sheets, tubing, or hollow fibers useful for gas separations, pervaporation, forward osmosis, reverse osmosis, nano filtration, ultra filtration, micro filtration, and pressure-retarded fluid separations.
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For this reason, numerous methods have been developed for phenol removal, such as biodegradation, chemical, electrochemical, and photocatalytic oxidation, solid phase extraction, ozonation, liquid-liquid extraction, pervaporation, and distillation [20], with some problems such as the generation of secondary pollutants and high energy consumption.
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They also detail lipids produced by microalgae in the Okinawa area for biodiesel fuel; the use of biomass polymer sheets in water/alcohol pervaporation as a sustainable source of alcohol energy; bacterial cellulose applications; functional adsorbents made of polymers, ionic liquid, and dendrimer in sustainable technologies; eco-friendly on-site water analyses for ultra-trace harmful ions; and ionic liquids used as green solvent in chemistry.
Membranes obtained from PAN are characterized by high mechanical strength, and therefore they are used in pressure membrane processes: ultrafiltration (UF), nanofiltration (NF), reverse osmosis (RO), and pervaporation (PV) [13-16].