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 (pər-vā′sĭv, -zĭv)
Having the quality or tendency to pervade or permeate: the pervasive odor of garlic.

[From Latin pervāsus, past participle of pervādere, to pervade; see pervade.]

per·va′sive·ly adv.
per·va′sive·ness n.
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  1. As pervasive as a raging fever —Anon
  2. (Democracy and freedom began) bouncing all over (the world) like bad checks —Ishmael Reed
  3. Cover like a cold sweat —Anon
  4. He’s everywhere … like the mist, like some foul fog —William Diehl
  5. He was all over him, like a cheap suit —Mark Shields
  6. Penetrate [as through a barrier of complacency] … like the slippage of a dentist’s drill through novacaine —Clare Nowell
  7. Pervading [a woman’s special magic] as a spilled perfume, irresistible and sweet —F. Scott Fitzgerald
  8. (Egotism that seemed to) saturate them as toys are saturated with paint —O. Henry
  9. (Allowed my thoughts to) sink in like a spoon in a pudding [in order to gain insight] —William H. Gass
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Noun1.pervasiveness - the quality of filling or spreading throughout; "the pervasiveness of the odor of cabbage in tenement hallways"
generality - the quality of being general or widespread or having general applicability
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n (of smell etc)durchdringender Charakter; (of influence, feeling, ideas)um sich greifender Charakter
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Add to this that there are two young Englanders in the house, who hate all the Americans in a lump, making between them none of the distinctions and favourable comparisons which they insist upon, and you will, I think, hold me warranted in believing that, between precipitate decay and internecine enmities, the English-speaking family is destined to consume itself; and that with its decline the prospect of general pervasiveness, to which I alluded above, will brighten for the deep-lunged children of the Fatherland!
Villanueva, an evangelist who was recently installed deputy Speaker at the House of Representatives, said the pervasiveness of corruption in Philippine society had led to tolerant attitudes toward it, even among children.
Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform (NYSE:VG), has unveiled the results of "Video Chatterbox Nation," a study of Americans' attitudes toward video communication, its evolution from social to commercial applications, and its pervasiveness across various markets, the company said.
The difference today is terrorism's pervasiveness, the type of weaponry used, its international character, and the threat it poses to the very existence of our so-called civilised world.
(USA) Jan 6 (ANI): According to a recent study, sleep disorders, especially insomnia, can impact the pervasiveness of migraine.
Our continued strength is a testament to the growing pervasiveness of identity and we believe we are well positioned to further benefit from these tailwinds as organizations continue their move to the cloud, while digitally transforming and securing their businesses," said CEO Todd McKinnon.
Dubai: Today is Emirati Women's Day, so we took the opportunity to discuss some hot topics, including the prevalance of women in technology, the pervasiveness of the bro-code that has led to scandals at some of the largest start-ups, and more broadly the obstacles facing businesswomen in the UAE.
Like Shukla's columns, it is a powerful study on the pervasiveness of racism.
The Advisor said keeping in view the intensity and pervasiveness of this disease not only the patients but their families need attention and care and it is equal responsibility of the government, medical staff and the society to enable them come out of the trauma.
In so doing, the campaign highlighted the scale of the problem both in terms of the levels of violence experienced by many, as well as the pervasiveness of sexual harassment more generally.
In yet another example of the pervasiveness of hacking and the risk of internet-connected products, a line of stuffed animals called CloudPets was recently targeted by cybercriminals.