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also pes·ca·tar·i·an  (pĕs′kə-târ′ē-ən)
A person whose diet is primarily vegetarian but also includes fish. Also called pesco-vegetarian.

[Perhaps Italian pesce, fish (from Latin piscis) or a kindred Romance word such as Spanish pescado, fish + (vege)tarian.]
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(ˈpɛskəˌtɛərɪən) or


a person who eats fish but does not eat other types of meat
of or relating to a pescatarian: a pescatarian diet.
[C20: from Italian pesce fish, modelled on vegetarian)]
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The rate rises to more than half for flexitarians (51 per cent) and eight in every 10 pescatarians.
The sample included vegetarians, vegans, pescatarians and meat-eaters.
The throwaway jokes are sometimes lively -- Isla pretends to be French; Jake confuses Episcopalians with pescatarians -- but you soon realise that it's all throwaways; the main joke is a concept ('Adults play kids' game') instead of a joke.
Seeing a gap in the market, founder Jodi Monelle wanted to create an inclusive community where meat eaters, flexitarians, vegetarians, pescatarians and vegans could come together.
The executive chef role will include creating tasting menus for vegetarians, pescatarians and meat eaters and will also include the designing of menus for private and exclusive usage of the space and events.
How about pescatarians? For PS24.95, you'll get grilled marinated tiger prawns, fried squid, dusted with a sesame and seaweed coating; organic salmon with citrus sauce; fresh grilled sardines; roasted tilapia and unlimited salad bar.
FISHY MAIN: Marks & Spencer Scottish Lockmuir Salmon Plait, PS35 Blowing the mind of pescatarians up and down the country.
Vegetarians comprised about one-half and included vegans (who eat only plant-based foods and no dairy products), lacto-ovo vegetarians (who do consume eggs and dairy products), and pescatarians (who also eat fish and seafood).
According to a life cycle assessment applied to the AHS-2 data, Sabate reported that the greenhouse gas emissions for a vegan diet are 41.7 percent lower compared with non-vegetarians; lacto-ovo vegetarians are 27.8 percent lower, pescatarians are 23.8 percent lower, and semi-vegetarians are almost 20 percent lower.
The U.N.'s new app, called AppliFish, is aimed at pescatarians and other seafood lovers who also want to feel environmentally responsible.
For the pescatarians, the seabass is quite satisfactory.