pet sitter

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: sitter - someone left in charge of pets while their owners are away from home
custodian, keeper, steward - one having charge of buildings or grounds or animals
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Whether you are considering using a pet sitter for the first time or have been using the same pet sitter for a number of years, David Pearsall, director of sales and marketing for Business Insurers of the Carolinas, says that his company, who underwrites the bonding and insurance policies for members of Pet Sitters International (PSI), as well as a majority of pet-sitter businesses in the United States, recommends that proof of insurance coverage be verified before the house keys are turned over to a virtual stranger.
The animals - three pugs, a Jack Russell terrier cross and a French bulldog - vanished from the care of the Sutton Coldfieldbased pet sitter in June.
In order to ensure this is possible, Kittysnip suggests finding a reliable pet sitter who can stay at your home while you are on vacation.
The basic options for owners are: leave a pet with family or friends, employ a pet sitter who comes to your home or who takes them in or use a kennel or cattery.
Synopsis: "The Pet Sitter's Tale" is author Laura Vorreyer's personal collection of stories about her love affair with pets from the time she was a young girl growing up in Chicago to her unintentionally becoming a professional pet sitter in Los Angeles.
Fairfax, VA, April 06, 2019 --( Paw Pals, a Northern Virginia pet sitting company, recently released a blog explaining how to become a pet sitter. Offering pet sitting services can be an excellent way to boost your income while helping people in your community.
Pet Sitters International (PSI) has named Liz Hyde, owner of Pet Charmers, LLC (, in Gastonia, N.C., the 2019 Pet Sitter of the Year.
It's easier than ever to find a pet sitter or dog walker, but that doesn't mean you should hire just anyone.
Finding the perfect pet sitter for one's pet can be hard and tricky.
* Find a quality pet sitter. Dogs need to be walked and let out during the day, so when you're gone, you'll need a pet sitter to fill these duties.
Even though she serves as director of the International Boarding and Pet Services Center Association, Rustenbeck felt hiring a professional pet sitter while she was away was the best decision.
After friends and relatives, your options for care are boarding or hiring a professional pet sitter. The choice depends on your cat's health, temperament and experience with other companion animals.