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Having petals.
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(ˌpɛtəˈlɪfərəs) or


(Botany) bearing or having petals
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Flowers are occasionally secondarily apetalous but may occasionally become secondarily petaliferous. In that case, outer staminodes may be differentiated as outer petaline structures, which confuses the limits between petals and staminodes as in Scytopetalaceae (Appel, 1996), or there is an outer receptacular corona without clear homology with staminodes (Passifloraceae: Bernhard, 1999a).
Apart from the petaliferous monocots, including members of the Liliaceae, there are some Aristolochiaceae such as the birthwort (Aristolochia chilensis), the bindweed (Convolvulus chilensis, Convolvulaceae), the suspiro del campo (Nolana paradoxa, Nolanaceae), malvillas (Cristaria aspera, C.