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Resembling a petal.


(Biology) biology resembling a petal, esp in shape: the petaloid pattern on a sea urchin.


(ˈpɛt lˌɔɪd)

resembling a petal.
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Adj.1.petaloid - resembling a flower petal
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Conservation: Siddha Medicinal Plants Garden conserves the medicinal plants in the form of Model Garden 1/ Model garden II/ Poly greenhouse / Arboretum and in the petaloid pond for aquatics.
broad petaloid adaxial crests and lack adaxial crest in Phalocallis).
Briefly, angiographic CME was graded as 0 = no visible macular edema; +1 = edema without clear-cut cystoids spaces, +2 = edema with clearly evident cystoid spaces, and +3 = petaloid edema with cystoid edema.
Mobilink Foundation set up an ICT Lab at Petaloid Secondary School and Girls College KahnaNau Lahore.
This can be confirmed with fundus fluorescein angiography (FFA) showing classic petaloid pattern of leakage, which is considered to be the gold standard for diagnosis.
A ring of flat petals supports a cascade of slender petaloid bracts.
5-inch acetal rollers, the conveyor surface ensures support and stability for bottles with petaloid bottoms, and other types of containers.
The World Packaging Organisation, too, appreciated the exceptionally creative design work from Krones and Coca-Cola Amatil, and chose the container, which manages without a petaloid base, as the 2013-2014 Worldstar Winner in its packaging competition.
The temperature of the preform is also known to affect the final morphology of the petaloid bases of the CSD bottles (9).
Another antenna for orthogonal slant polarization was proposed in [3], where pairs of petaloid patches printed on FR4 substrate were fed by coaxial probes through air-bridges and the intended usage band was from 1.