petit bourgeois

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pet·it bourgeois

 (pĕt′ē, pə-tē′)
A member of the petite bourgeoisie.

[French petit-bourgeois : petit, small + bourgeois, bourgeois.]

pet·it′-bour·geois′ adj.

petit bourgeois

(ˈpɛtɪ ˈbʊəʒwɑː; French pəti burʒwa)
n, pl petits bourgeois (ˈpɛtɪ ˈbʊəʒwɑːz; French pəti burʒwa)
1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) Also called: petite bourgeoisie or petty bourgeoisie the section of the middle class with the lowest social status, generally composed of shopkeepers, lower clerical staff, etc
2. (Sociology) a member of this stratum
(Sociology) of, relating to, or characteristic of the petit bourgeois, esp indicating a sense of self-righteousness and a high degree of conformity to established standards of behaviour
Also: petty bourgeois

pe•tit bour•geois

(pəˈti bʊərˈʒwɑ; ˈpɛt i ˈbʊər ʒwɑ)

n., pl. pe•tits bour•geois (pəˈti bʊərˈʒwɑz; ˈpɛt i ˈbʊər ʒwɑz)
a person who belongs to the petite bourgeoisie.
[1855–60; < French]
petit′-bourgeois′, adj.
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Noun1.petit bourgeois - a member of the lower middle class
petite bourgeoisie, petty bourgeoisie, petit bourgeois - lower middle class (shopkeepers and clerical staff etc.)
bourgeois, burgher - a member of the middle class
2.petit bourgeois - lower middle class (shopkeepers and clerical staff etc.)
bourgeoisie, middle class - the social class between the lower and upper classes
petit bourgeois - a member of the lower middle class

petit bourgeois

A. ADJpequeñoburgués
B. Npequeñoburgués/esa m/f

petit bourgeois

petty bourgeois [ˌpɛtiˈbʊərʒwɑː] adjpetit-bourgeois(petite-bourgeoise)

petit bourgeois

nKleinbürger(in) m(f)
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Ultimately, the insight of "Reparation Hardware" owed less to its gleeful satire of petit bourgeois "good taste" or its Benjaminian prompt that all "documents of civilization" are--with varying degrees of mediation--"documents of barbarism" than to the intellectual contest between reparation and restoration and their competing claims on history.
Thus the caricature of a French petit bourgeois audience (the set represented a theatre with boxes surrounding the stage) turned into a glittering nocturnal gathering, a maharaja's retinue, a paradoxically colourless East.
[section] The bourgeois and the petit bourgeois are always partying.
Sudbury is Mick Lowe's adopted home town and he paints a nuanced picture of the complex social and political dynamics that accounted for its unique character--the confidence of a community built by hard rock miners, the extraordinary cosmopolitan mix of its inhabitants, the tension generated by a small petit bourgeois elite maintaining its dominance over a large and relatively prosperous working class, and the manipulations of organized religion, particularly that of the Catholic Church.
In the early 1990s, as Spike Lee was filming a biography of Malcolm X, Baraka ridiculed the director as "a petit bourgeois Negro" unworthy of his subject.
But the new reduction in the standard of living and level of illusion of the white petit bourgeois family has in some cases radicalized its consciousness, or disrupted and dislocated its sexual orientation, or both.
The haut bourgeois Gustave Flaubert, whose income was secured and who found protection in his father's name against the judges who would ultimately pronounce, as was foreseeable, a balanced verdict over his novel, deeply detested the petit bourgeois, the country doctor, whom he had most likely met with or else had heard disparaging remarks about from his father's lips, even more so than the huddled masses who barely existed for him and about whom it was therefore easy to fabricate tales of simple hearts, stirred and stirring but not obliging any substantive engagement.
Asphyxiating in the confines of a petit bourgeois existence, a tedious job, and a demanding family, Vassiliki's testimony tests the limits of the postfeminist age.
The development of the relationship is charted between David Marks (Gosling) scion to a prominent and wealthy Jewish family which owns considerable property in the middle of New York, and Catherine McCarthy, no-one special or talented and daughter of a boisterous family of petit bourgeois at best.
Venezuela President Hugo Chavez, who maintains close ties with Cuba, has taken aim at golf as well, questioning why, in the face of slums and housing shortages, courses should spread over valuable land "just so some little group of the bourgeois and the petit bourgeois can go and play golf";
The volume opens with a revisionist reflection on the progress of Betterton's reputation through theatre history and suggests that Betterton "bore many of the hallmarks of the upwardly mobile petit bourgeois craving the decorum of cultural capital".
For those on a tighter budget, the Petit Bourgeois 2009, a simple vin de pays, is well worth recommending at pounds 8.49.