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1. Short and slender: This rack of clothing is for petite women.
2. Small in size or scope; tiny: "a bagel that is fairly petite by today's standards" (Ed Levine). See Synonyms at small.
A clothing size for short, slender women.

[French, feminine of petit, from Middle French, from Old French; see petit.]

pe·tite′ness n.


the condition of being petite or small and slight
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Noun1.petiteness - the property of being very small in sizepetiteness - the property of being very small in size; "hence the minuteness of detail in the painting"
littleness, smallness - the property of having a relatively small size
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But at only 5ft 3ins, Cheryl's petiteness is a problem for some.
There is no way a girl of that size and petiteness would have been able to get into my vehicle.