petit four

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pet·it four

(pĕt′ē fôr′)
n. pl. pe·tits fours or pet·it fours (pĕt′ē fôrz′)
A small, frosted and decorated piece of pound cake or sponge cake.

[French, from (à) petit four, (in) a relatively cool oven (small cakes and pastries being so called because they are baked at more moderate temperatures than bread and larger cakes) : petit, little; see petit + four, oven (from Middle French, from Old French, from Latin furnus; see gwher- in the Appendix of Indo-European roots).]
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petit four

(ˈpɛtɪ ˈfɔː; French pəti fur)
n, pl petits fours (ˈpɛtɪ ˈfɔːz; French pəti fur)
(Cookery) any of various very small rich sweet cakes and biscuits, usually decorated with fancy icing, marzipan, etc
[French, literally: little oven]
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pet•it four

(ˈpɛt i ˈfɔr, ˈfoʊr)

n., pl. pet•its fours, -it (ˈpɛt iˈfɔrz, ˈfoʊrz)
a small frosted teacake.
[1880–85; < French: literally, small oven]
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Noun1.petit four - small (individual) frosted and ornamented cake
cake - baked goods made from or based on a mixture of flour, sugar, eggs, and fat
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petit four

[ˌpetɪˈfɔː] Npastelito m de mazapán
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petit four

n pl <-s -s> → Petit Four nt
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The dessert and petits fours to round off the lunch will be created by world-class patissier and chocolatier William Curley.
The ice cream sat on a crunchy piece of peanut brittle and everything came together beautifully, igniting a sweet tooth that made me say "yes" to petits fours too - a tangy cherry-filled chocolate, a flawless, very smooth piece of fudge and a salted caramel chocolate - all delightful.
And you'll get to finish it off with a cheeseboard featuring a selection from across Great Britain before another course of coffee, tea and petits fours.
The tickets, which cost PS275 per person, include round-trip travel aboard the Northern Belle luxury train, welcome Champagne reception on board, seven-course dinner, bottle of wine per couple, coffee, tea and petits fours, musical entertainment and firework display (weather permitting).
STARTER: A composition of canapes - seasoned pork and puff pastry slider, steak & blue cheese en croute, katsu tortilla wrap, Mexican chicken chipotle spoon, bechamel toasted honey cured ham square and tomato gazpacho PETITS FOURS AND COFFEE: Belgian dark chocolate brownie, raspberry and almond bite and caramel shortbread.
And the petits fours and coffee include Belgian dark chocolate brownie, raspberry and almond bite and caramel shortbread.
For the main course, guests can choose between wok-fried lobster, wagyu beef in black pepper sauce or seafood fried rice; and for dessert, "Tiny Pavlova", with petits fours of berry tartlets and Valentine macaroons.
Sweets include chocolate-dipped banana bread, orange marmalade scones, cocoa truffles, macaroons, fruit tartlets and petits fours. Nibble on traditional tea sandwiches such as cucumber and mint, smoked salmon and dill, ham, egg and cheese and more.
"Diwali is when we exchange sweets and love, and that is exactly the inspiration behind my creation of the Diwali dessert platter, which has a Phirni Brulee with Fresh Fruit and Mithai Petits Fours," he says.
The menu offers two tasting menus, of six or nine courses with coffee and petits fours. The six-course tasting menu is PS75, and nine courses: PS90.