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1. The distinctive smell given off by earth, rock, or pavement at the beginning of a rain after a period of warm, dry weather.
2. The organic compounds that produce such a smell.

[petr- + ichor (coined in 1964 by Isabel Joy Bear and Richard Grenfell Thomas, Australian geochemists).]


a sweet smell that is produced when rain falls on parched earth
[C20: from Greek petra stone + ichor ]
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Petrichor - the scent of rain on dry earth - and Cucamelon, a Mexican miniature watermelon with a surprising lime and cucumber taste.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-October 26, 2017-Archean Capital invests in Petrichor Healthcare Capital Management
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They have put on some amazing parties on with people like Jeff Mills, Slam, DVS1, Blawan, Silicone Soul, Planetary Assault System, Gary Beck, Milton Jackson, John Dimas, Animal Farm, Cassy, Nastia, Sunday Circus, Petrichor, Julian Perez, Archie Hamilton, Craig Hamilton, Bella Saris, Rossko, Niz, Dave Scott and resident and creator Ivan Kutz.
Scientists cannot capture love nor prove it but have found the scent of rain: An oil they named petrichor --from the Greek petra (stone) and ichor (ethereal blood of gods)-- released when raindrops touch porous stone birthing pinpoint bubbles which fizz like champagne lift the essence -- blood of the stone --into the wind to our senses.
First up are Silicone Soul, with their disco-infused house sound, followed by the soulful grooving techno flavours of Petrichor, aka Simon Stokes.
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A 1964 study proposed that the earthy smell following a storm, called petrichor, comes from chemicals in the soil.
And nothing makes me feel alive - with all its primitive, heady, gloriousness - like petrichor.
Similarly, the well-known aroma of stone on a hot summer day or after a shower of rain is not due to the geological material itself but to the release of the kinds of organic oils mentioned in the previous section, together with a group of substances that have been called petrichor.
Allegretti's fiction has appeared in Think Journal, The Adroit Journal, autolycus: rogue literary journal and Petrichor Machine, among other periodicals.
On the menu: The Petrichor Restaurant is named after the scent of rain on dry earth.