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A carving or incised drawing on rock, especially one made by prehistoric people.

pet′ro·glyph′ic adj.


(Palaeontology) relating to or having the characteristics of a petroglyph or carving made in rock
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"By the way, three-fingered creatures can be seen on petroglyphic drawings found in Peru."
Tribal groups such as the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois), Mi'kmaq, Maliseet (Wolastoqiyik), and Penobscot (Penawahpskewi) had indigenous traditions of petroglyphic and incised bark designs that vaguely resemble multi-petal flowers.
(16) See Mi'kmaq scholar Marie Battiste's discussion of the mutually intelligible, intercontinental system of ideographical and petroglyphic writings that span from "the Tupi-Gurani's Ayvu Rapyta or Origin of Human Speech, to the Yucatac-Mayan paper screenfolds, to the Algonquian Walam Olum or Red Score, Medewiwin or Grand Medicine Scrolls, and Mi'kmaw hieroglyphics" ("Print" 111).
The Garden was part of an important refurbishment of the gallery grounds, funded by the Province of Ontario and the Federal Government, that gave the McMichael the opportunity to remount a huge stone polar bear sculpture by Inuit sculptor Pauta Saila, a stone inuksuk sculpture by Inuit artist David Ruben Piqtoukun, and a carved "petroglyphic" boulder by Bill Vazan entitled Shibagau Shard.