Petrosal bone

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(Anat.) a bone corresponding to the petrous portion of the temporal bone of man; or one forming more or less of the periotic capsule.

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The texture of the lesion was relatively hard with the invasion of the petrous part of temporal bone but without invasion of dura mater.
Nuchal view of skull showing occipital condyle (a); foramen magnum (b); paracondylar process (c); sagittal crest (d); petrous part of temporal bone (e); dorso-condylar fossa (f); squamous part of occipital bone (g); nuchal crest (h); occipital bone (i); parietal bone (j).
Next the third and fourth cranial nerves are cut at their points of entry into cavernous sinus, after that tentorium cerebelli is cut along the superior border of the petrous part of temporal bone results in exposure of cerebellum, which conceals the ventrally lying pons and medulla oblongata.