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pet 1

1. An animal kept for enjoyment or companionship.
2. An object of the affections.
3. A person especially loved or indulged; a favorite: the teacher's pet.
1. Kept as a pet: a pet cat.
a. Particularly cherished or indulged: a pet grandchild.
b. Expressing or showing affection: a pet name.
3. Being a favorite: a pet topic.
v. pet·ted, pet·ting, pets
To stroke or caress gently. See Synonyms at caress.
To stroke or fondle amorously.

[Scottish Gaelic peata, tame animal, pet, from Old Irish.]

pet′ter n.

pet 2

A fit of bad temper or pique.
intr.v. pet·ted, pet·ting, pets
To be sulky and peevish.

[Origin unknown.]


positron emission tomography


petulant; sulky
ˈpettedly adv
References in classic literature ?
'I am younger than she is by two or three years, and yet it's me that looks after her, as if I was old, and it's she that's always petted and called Baby!
Maggie, moreover, had rather a tenderness for deformed things; she preferred the wry-necked lambs, because it seemed to her that the lambs which were quite strong and well made wouldn't mind so much about being petted; and she was especially fond of petting objects that would think it very delightful to be petted by her.
In fact, members of the staff occasionally stopped the dog and petted it