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adj. pet·ti·er, pet·ti·est
1. Of small importance; trivial: a petty grievance. See Synonyms at trivial.
2. Showing an excessive concern with unimportant matters or minor details, especially in a narrow-minded way: petty partisanship.
a. Of lesser importance or rank; subordinate: a petty prince.
b. Law Variant of petit.

[Middle English peti, from Old French, variant of petit; see petit.]

pet′ti·ly adv.
pet′ti·ness n.
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Adv.1.pettily - in a petty way
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بِحَقارَه، بِتَفاهَه
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[ˈpetɪlɪ] ADVmezquinamente
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[ˈpɛtɪlɪ] adv (small-mindedly) → meschinamente
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(ˈpeti) adjective
1. of very little importance; trivial. petty details.
2. deliberately nasty for a foolish or trivial reason. petty behaviour.
ˈpettily adverb
ˈpettiness noun
petty cash
money used for small, everyday expenses in an office etc.
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References in classic literature ?
Verily, better to have done evilly than to have thought pettily!
"They pounce on the idea, and distort it, and then work it out so pettily and unworthily.
has been busy and pettily charging two religious sisters and other human rights workers with perjury.
"Rather than blame the rest of the United Nations Security Council members for opposing its decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital, Washington should reflect on the significance of it having to use its veto instead of pettily calling it, as US UN Ambassador Nikki Haley did, 'an insult' that 'won't be forgotten'.
It's obvious that she still feels hard done by, and remains angry at her old employers for having cut her loose without any kind of safety net -- not even a month's salary -- after 18 years of service; "You just don't expect that someone will behave so pettily".
Rather than pettily trying to score political points they should have be supporting our efforts to sell Wales to the world."
NEIL REDFEARN would have enjoyed his drive home - after his former club Leeds pettily refused to let him park at Elland Road.
As Prisons Minister Jeremy Wright had a rotten reputation--either he knew nothing about prisons, or he made pettily cruel decisions for punitive reasons.
On the rare occasions Mr Cameron has held a press conference in No 10 he has pointedly and pettily refused to take a question from a journalist from the Daily Mirror.
The important (non-whimsical) motivation of my stance is not pettily conventionalist (me lamely accepting "the power" of any socially given frame), but broadly functionalist (me realizing that the frame of fiction is a culturally acquired institution that has the function of playfully extending the range of things imaginable and publishable, on which see Schaeffer Pourquoi la fiction?
For in addition, they seem to champion other aspirations, including some which are pettily local and narrow-minded, and others that remain ensnared by the outdated discourse and thinking of the notion of patriotism that goes beyond homelands.